How To Choose The Perfect Sheets

How to choose the perfect sheets

We all know there’s no better feeling than jumping into a bed of fresh, clean sheets. Good bedding is a necessity, not a luxury, if you want to have the best sleep possible. But, choosing the right sheets for your bed can be insanely overwhelming – the market is flooded with various thread counts and cottons across all price ranges. So we’ve made it a little easier by giving you the need-to-know lowdown to simplify your choice.

Holy sheet, what thread count is best?

When thinking about how to choose the perfect sheets, not only do you have to choose a colour, a fabric and a size, but then you also get baffled cost evaluating the “highest thread count”. Some good news for you, (or bad news, if you recently forked out on expensive sheets) higher thread count doesn’t actually guarantee better sheets.

Thread count measures the number of vertical and horizontal threads you can fit in a square inch. So how to squeeze 1,000 threads in that tiny space? Sneaky manufacturers just use thinner strands of fabric twisted together as if they were one. That way they can technically double, triple or even quadruple the thread count to make the number more attractive to the consumer.

So heads up, a regular single-ply 400 thread count sheet is going to feel better and last longer than a 2 or 3-ply sheet of the same thread count, even though they can be packaged and priced as 800 or 1200 thread count. And keep in mind that in our expert opinion, you should sleep with the ultimate thread count sheets of 275.

“We’re luxurious, like Egyptian cotton”

Pop stars and Rappers have been lyrically heralding the splendour of Egyptian cotton for decades (thanks for the heading, Gwen Stefani) and they are not mistaken. The best cotton in the world is grown in Egypt, so definitely keep an eye out for 100% Egyptian cotton, like these . There are other options – Pima cotton and other organic cottons provide worthy alternatives, but it is best to avoid synthetic fabrics at all costs. No one wants to wake up in a pool of sweat, or toss and turn through the night because they’re sleeping in a non-breathable fabric.

Soft touch can be a tease

If you’re shopping IRL, be aware that how nice a sheet feels to touch in the shops may not be indicative of how it will feel once it’s been washed and made up on your bed. Manufacturers will apply polishes, waxes and softeners to products to make them more alluring to the customer, products that will wash out in time. On the flip-side, good quality sheets will actually start to feel better after a few trips to the laundry. Be aware of pilling, those small balls that gather on worn out cotton, and look for sheets that have been double singed to reduce its prevalence.

Give them a test drive

Sometimes it is simply impossible to know if a sheet set is right for you until you’ve tried it. While many retailers may be reticent to accept used sheets, Greywing actually offers free delivery and a seven-day trial so you can have piece of mind ordering from us online. We know you’ll love them, we just wanted to come up with another way to stop you from losing sleep, so you can put your best foot forward tomorrow.

Now that you know how to choose the best sheets for you, check out our innovative sheets here.

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