Home Styling Tips from The Life Creative’s Chris Carroll

Stylist, presenter and author, Chris Carroll is a busy man. He’s the brains and creativity behind interiors blog The Life Creative, a colourful blog that makes home decorating fun and easy.

Today we’ve been lucky enough to draw him aside to dispense with some fun-loving, easy interior design tips and inspiration to help you style your home. Here’s what he had to say:

What inspires you most?

I love colour, so seeing beautifully styled imagery that celebrates colour is always inspirational. In day-to-day life, people with a positive attitude.

How would you define your style?

Very relaxed and attainable. I don’t take things too seriously, so my interior/design style is colourful, casual, sometimes whimsical. I like to give a slight nod to industrial and mid-century aesthetics, too. I’ve never been into luxury or sophistication – it’s just not me. All of my spaces are pretty bright and playful.

What is your design process – how do you go from idea to result?

It always starts with mood and function; how does the client want a space to feel and how do they need it to work? If you keep going back to ensure you’ve addressed those two needs with your design, you’ve nailed it. The same can apply to products or furniture, not just interior design.

What is your favourite room to style?

I like a living room because it’s a communal zone. It’s more fun and less serious than a bedroom. It allows you to play with textures and colour and think outside the box a little. I also think kids rooms are fun because it’s really an anything-goes approach as long as the little one loves the look!

What do you think is the most common decorating faux pas people commit?

I think people rush into purchases – and they don’t think about whether it’ll work in their home. I used to do it all the time, years ago. Sometimes you have to understand that something might look amazing, but it’s not for you. You have to stay loyal to your style if it’s important to you. Experiment with mood boards before you make a decision on your look. I tend not to buy anything without really thinking about where it will go and if it will work with everything else I have.

What’s your favourite Brosa product and how would you incorporate it into your room?

The Filip three seater sofa is pretty divine; I love the soft shapes here.

Editor’s note: While the three seater is currently unavailable, you can still view the rest of the Filip Collection.

What is your most important value in interior decorating?

Be honest. As a designer or stylist, we can’t know everything. And it’s OK not to know. You’re a product of your experiences, so I don’t get embarrassed by not knowing something. It’s about finding out and getting to a solution that matters most – and that’s what a client wants.

*Chris Carroll is the stylist, presenter and author behind The Life Creative; an interiors blog that aims to make decorating your home fun. With a background in journalism and design, Chris aims to inspire readers to enjoy the process of building their dream interiors, as well as being more creative at home. His book is due for release in early 2016; a guide to the best places to hang out in Sydney. He has also hosted decorating segments on The Morning Show and is an MC for Metricon.

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AirKeeper Australia
3 years ago

A fantastic list, thank you for compiling it. Thank you!