Home Decoration Ideas: What’s on Your Coffee Table?

How to Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables are often an overlooked opportunity to inject style and personality into your home. By incorporating simple styling cues like a vase, candle or coffee table book, you can reinvigorate your living space. From relaxed Hamptons style to modern elegance, a considered coffee table can provide a beautiful addition to any home. I like to keep my coffee table modern and minimal, injecting personality through coffee table books, my favourite perfume, a candle and a statement vase with fresh flowers. Fortunately, coffee table styling is easy to master, as long as you keep these simple style guidelines in mind. Here are my favourite tips that will have you styling your coffee table to perfection in no time. 

What to Put on Your Coffee Table 

Balance is an important component of any coffee table display, and one of the easiest ways to achieve balance is symmetry. Begin with a focal point, this could be a striking marble tray, statement bowl or stack of books, all working well to frame the design space, while corralling smaller objects like matches and remotes. 

From here, play with height and scale by layering objects. Place stylistic items like candles and sculptures on top of, or next to, more cumbersome pieces like large coffee table books, which make a great foundation for layering. Books also add colour, interest and give guests a peek into your hobbies and interests. 

To complete the look, add smaller objects that speak to your personal style. These surrounding objects don’t need to be identical, they just need to match the tone of your design. A beautiful reed diffuser, modern paperweights and magnifying glasses are a few of my go-to items. If you’ve only used hard materials, such as glass or metal, your coffee table could feel a little cold and would benefit from some natural textures, such as timber or woven material. Injecting an element of nature through florals or structural greenery is also a great way to bring warmth and a sense of calm. 

A large round coffee table like The Parc from Brosa is my favourite. Classic and contemporary, the silhouette of the Parc is the perfect all-rounder, ready to be styled to perfection.

How to Style Round Coffee Tables 

A round coffee table can be a beautiful way to add movement to what can often be an angular living space. I recommend a triangle layout for round tables, playing with layers and textures. Incorporating an angular focal point is a great way to balance it’s circular shape. It’s a good idea to have at least one tall item, such as a tall vase or a candlestick, and one lower and wider piece, such as a tray or stack of books, to create an arrangement with interest.

Kare Coffee Table

To let your display shine, opt for a minimal round coffee table design like the Kare Coffee Table from Brosa. For something with more flare, I love Brosa’s Baroque Coffee Table which features glossy black marble and gold metal hardware. 

Baroque Coffee Table

How to Style Small Coffee Tables

Small coffee tables are a great way to inject style when you are working with minimal space. With less surface area to work with, start by refining the objects you want to display, selecting one large focal piece for the middle of the table, before choosing two to three medium to small objects that compliment your aesthetic and inject height variation. A minimal sculpture, your favourite candle and a tall, thin vase with a few sprigs of greenery will help populate the table without overcrowding. 

When I’m conscious of space, The Pentagon Coffee Table from Brosa is modest in size and striking in design. 

Pentagon Coffee Table 

When styled well, glass coffee tables can be striking and incredibly complementary to your surrounding furniture. To avoid objects looking as if they’re floating on the glass surface, I like to create a few groupings or use one large object to display on its own, incorporating decorative bowls or a tray to corral your items. With a focal point to build your display, you can now layer decorative beads, crystals, and other items without your design becoming messy. I also recommend situating a glass coffee table over a plain, simple rug or flooring to let your decor shine. 

When opting for a glass coffee table, the Kipling Glass Top Coffee Table from Brosa is my go to for understated elegance. 

Kipling Glass Coffee Table

Alternative Coffee Table Ideas – Ottomans

The versatility of an ottoman in your living space is endless, serving as extra seating, potential storage or as a coffee table-like centrepiece. If you’re looking to add a touch of design to your ottoman, it’s important to incorporate pieces that are sturdy and large enough to house smaller objects like a try or large book. Taking note of their soft exterior, I would avoid tall, fragile objects like candles and vases. The Lena Small Square Ottoman from Brosa in Yellow Gold Premium Velvet is a firm favourite, showcasing its bold colour alongside a stack of glamorous coffee table books and a marble tray with your favourite candle. For something more understated in design with storage, the Megan Ottoman is a great option for larger living spaces. 

Coffee Table Styling Professional!

When executed well, your coffee table and coffee table decor can be one of the most versatile and engaging pieces of furniture in your home. The aim is to style a coffee table that looks aesthetically beautiful but that doesn’t disrupt the flow or function of your living space. Overall, as a rule of thumb, keep everything in threes and always start with a focal point, incorporating your supporting objects of varying heights and textures to complete your look. The most important thing is to have fun by injecting personality.

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