Home Decor Inspiration from Yvette Wilson

Visit Yvette Wilson’s award-winning blog The Stylist Splash, and you will be immersed in a bright world of interior décor inspiration, from refreshing pops of colour to handy styling tips.

yvette wilson

Yvette uses her blog as a creative outlet to bring together all the things she loves in one place and share them with the world. And her interests are vast, from interior styling to baking, drawing and fitness. She’s a pro at spotting and sourcing local products to brighten up her home.

As you can see in her pictures, her style is refreshing, blending bright splashes of colour with geometric patterns in a minimalist style that sees the decor complementing the room – and vice versa!

And she’s taken a moment out of her hectic life to share with us tips on where she sources her inspiration from, how she creates her own unique style, and how she loves to style her own home.

What inspires you most?

I love to read magazines and follow blogs. But I am inspired daily by all the creatives I follow on Instagram.

yvette wilson bedroom

Editor’s note: Among the blogs Yvette follows – and some of our favourites too – are Something Gorgeous, Bright Bazaar, Instant Impression, and Checks and Spots. You can see the full list here.

Of course, we also love The Life Creative – whose creator Chris recently shared his styling tips with us – and Style Curator, whose creator Gina also spoke to us.

How would you define your style?

I think my style is a little bit of everything thrown in that I love. It’s modern, contemporary and colourful; a bit of all styles thrown together.

What is your design process – how do you go from idea to result?

Once I find a product or design style I love I usually get onto Pinterest to get more ideas on where to purchase similar items and then it’s off shopping I go.

yvette wilson living room

What is your favourite room to design/style?

My favourite room is my home office (in the picture below).  It is out of bounds for the rest of my family.  It’s my very own space where I work on my blog.

yvette wilson study

What’s your favourite Brosa product and how would you incorporate it into your room?

I love this extendable dining table in the Mokuzai collection. I think it would suit most family dining areas.

mokuzai dining table

Editor’s note: Japanese designer Aoto Takada combines traditional styles and contemporary techniques to create this strength-tested dining table. It’s perfect for a family of four, with the option of expanding to a six-seating arrangement for when guests come over.

*Yvette is the author of The Stylist Splash blog.  She loves to work with brands to style, photograph and promote their products.  She loves to support local business too.  The Stylist Splash is all about colour, design, healthy eating, interiors, homewares and a bit of fashion thrown in.  There is also an online shop where you can get a splash of colour for your home.

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