Greywing Dreamer #1: Blane Muntz of Cargone Couriers

The fateful meeting

One sunny afternoon a few of us were sitting in a small cafe nestled behind the industrial areas of Richmond, Victoria. At that time we hadn’t launched Greywing and we were brainstorming ideas on the best possible ways to ship our newly designed mattress.

Then, a bright green bike with an elongated nose pulled up next to our table. A slim, athletic man wearing a black windbreaker and a tightly-strapped helmet got off the bike, swiftly walked into the roastery behind the cafe to pick up a few bags of freshly roasted coffee beans.

“Wouldn’t it be cool to deliver mattresses on a bike?!” one of us shouted.

The man from the bike was Blane, the founder of Cargone Couriers, a Melbourne based bike courier crew. Blane started the business in Melbourne in 2010 after spending eight years couriering in Dublin, Ireland. His business has flourished in recent years as more and more people are mindful of their carbon footprints.

We rushed to Blane before he could hop back onto his bike, and explained our seemingly insane idea.

“Yeah, sure.” Blane said casually but looked at us with a intent stare, as if he had anticipated our unusual request.

We quickly got to work and showed Blane a prototype of the Greywing mattress and the Greywing box…. except, it didn’t work. The Greywing box was a tad bit too tall that it blocked his bike’s handlebar from turning.

But Blane was unfazed. He went back to his workshop and spent evenings modifying the front portion of his bike. After a series of trial-and-error’s, Blane built a custom made platform specifically designed to balance the Greywing box on the bike at an angle.

In a moment of epiphany, Blane created the iconic slanted look that we grew so accustomed to today.

greywing delivery 2

Ever since that fateful meeting Blane and his crew from Cargone Couriers have delivered Greywing mattresses all over inner Melbourne suburbs, anywhere between Footscray to the west, Brunswick to the north, and Toorak to the south east. All this powered by their determined minds and indestructible legs.

Blane Muntz, he is a Greywing Dreamer.

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