Dining Room Styles & Colours 2017

The dining room is a key part of every great home. It’s where the family meets to share a meal at the end of the day, it’s where we hold our dinner parties, and where we celebrate the holidays.

Dining room furniture should be stylish yet comfortable. It should be an inviting space where people want to sit and enjoy each other’s company. So, if your dining room is being neglected, maybe it’s time for a redesign.

This 2017 Dining Room Style Guide will turn your drab dining room into a chic space perfect for enjoying good food and great conversation.

Dining Room Furniture Styles

Collate a gallery of your favourite dining room style ideas, either in a scrapbook or on Pinterest. You might realise that the photos your eye is drawn to most share some of the same elements.

Choosing a style from the outset will make sure your design remains coherent and beautiful. Here are the most popular dining room style trends of the moment…

Classic Dining Rooms

You can’t go wrong with a classic dining room style. Classic dining rooms feature elegant trestle tables, made from natural elements like timber.

Chairs have wooden frames and are upholstered with fine fabrics and leather. Little details and embellishments make all the difference in a classic dining room.

Mid-Century Dining Rooms

For a retro-chic finish, a Mid-Century Modern design is for you. Mid-Century Modern is minimalist with simple designs that look formal while maintaining functionality.

Geometric shapes and asymmetrical designs are popular Mid-Century choices and will make for a captivating dining room style.

Scandinavian Dining Rooms

Scandinavian design has been a staple since the thirties. It continues to influence design today so it’s easy to create the perfect Scandinavian dining room.

Light coloured wood, and neutral palettes offer a fresh and minimalist dining room. The most popular Scandinavian designs today are striking and have natural shapes and lines.

Contemporary Dining Rooms

Contemporary design embraces all the best elements of past design, from Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, and traditional designs.

Contemporary dining room styles use light or dark woods or powder-coated steel to create smooth, elegant lines. Neutral palettes are coupled with splashes of colour from colourful fabric, artwork or greenery.

Dining Room Colour Palettes

In 2017, colours trends will draw inspiration from our natural environment. From natural greens and luminous blues, to floral-inspired pinks and yellows.

Draw inspiration for your dining room palette from your garden or check out Pantone’s Colour Reports for 2017.

Green and blue offers an invigorating palette. Teal green and yellow will look chic, as will pink neutrals with pops of green from beautiful indoor plants.

There are many ways to incorporate colour into your dining room. Add splashes of colour or choose block colours. A neutral palette with a single, bright colour will look distinctive.

Choosing coloured upholstery for your dining room chairs can be fun, but remember to choose a timeless colour to avoid having to reupholster later.

Colourful artwork can add vibrancy to your dining room. Tie in the colours of artwork by adding matching-coloured crockery, napkins or flowers to a table setting.

Changing colour palettes in your dining room is easy with your choice of rotating accessories. Change your palette seasonally or according to holidays.

A neutral canvas is easiest to work with, then add colour in the form of table cloths and centrepieces, knick-knacks, rugs and artwork.

Arranging Your Dining Room

There are many things to consider when arranging your dining room. If it isn’t arranged well, guests might feel cramped or uncomfortable, food might be hard to serve, and conversation strained.

Before you purchase your dining room furniture you will need to consider your dining room size. Take out the measuring tape and figure out what size table will fit in your dining room.

A dining room table should allow for a perimeter of about a metre wide. This will allow guests to pull their chairs in and out easily and move around the table freely. A place setting should be reasonably sized.

A rectangular table with the dimensions of 160 cm by 80 cm will generally seat 6 people. A round table with a diameter of 120 cm can seat 4 to 6 people more if it’s extendable.

Extendable tables are a great option for people who want to save space when they aren’t entertaining. A bench seat is also a great option to save space.

Eye-Catching Essentials

The most important thing to remember when designing any room is that you must follow your own sense of style. Individuality will never go out of fashion!

So don’t feel the need to conform to design rules. Mix and match different coloured woods and styles. Find creative new ways to incorporate colour into your dining room.

An eye-catching rug will add a dash of style to your dining room. Artwork that elicits conversation is highly valuable. And don’t forget that you will need a beautiful dinner set to go with your stunning new dining room.

For stunning dining room furniture that will refresh and revive your living space, browse our designer furniture range today.

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Dipak jadhav
3 years ago

A very good styling and very amazing designs are given. Really i loved it absolutely. So so good. Can i get any pdf or any documents so that i can show it to my workshop supervisor to create one. I am really impressed. Thanks a lot for sharing. Awesome experience for me.