Designer Dining Chairs: How to Spot High Quality

Choosing the right designer dining chair is important if you want to guarantee comfort, style and durability. But if you’re not familiar with designer furniture, it’s hard to know what features mark a quality piece.

Today’s homes boast open living arrangements that show off your furniture – and especially your dining set – more than they used to. And that means you’ll want to pick a dining chair that isn’t just comfortable to sit in for over an hour during a dinner party, but that also looks great in an empty room.

Since we know it can be hard to judge shoddy work against top quality, we’ve offered some tips to help you spot a high-quality designer dining chair.


A dining chair sees a lot of wear and tear during its life; it can be roughly handled and moved about a lot. And no matter how many times you tell the kids not to tilt the seat back onto the rear legs, they’re going to do it anyway. So you’ll want a piece that’s solidly constructed.

Since dining chairs see a lot of use – whether it’s bearing the weight of a guest during a rowdy dinner party or being used as a climbing frame for the kids during a home art session – they should be sturdy enough to suffer through numerous scenarios.

If you’re checking out a designer chair in person, make sure it’s robust by moving it around and gently jiggling it. If it’s of poor quality, the back and legs might shift about or sway. If you can’t check out a chair in person, make sure the piece you’re interested in has been tested for resilience before you buy.

You’ll also want comfortable and reliable back support, ideally reclined slightly to suit the back’s natural curves.

Don’t forget that dining chairs are moved around a lot, which means they should be lightweight enough for you to lift and rearrange comfortably to suit whatever entertainment configuration you might need.

Take a look, for example, at this Chloe Dining Chair. It is crafted from a solid wood frame with angled legs for added security and a beautiful aesthetic appeal. Even better, it is strength-tested to ensure durability. The backrest is also angled slightly for added comfort.


The seat itself is what it’s really all about with a dining chair. The design and materials used in your seat can make or break the comfort in your dining chair.

Upholstered chairs offer that something extra – a burst of colour, a fine texture – around your dining table, but you need to ensure you’ve got supreme quality if you want it to last long.

Chairs of poorer quality have a low-foam density which, over time, will flatten out and lose its cushiness.

Look out for a firm seat with a base slightly curved that tilts towards the rear. Such a design promotes better posture and makes it easier to rise from the chair at the end of your dinner.

The Chloe Dining Chair mentioned above is a classic example of a superior dining chair seat. It uses soft touch medium density foam and has a firm, rounded base.



The best kind of dining chair is one you can sit in for hours without feeling the need to shift constantly. In fact, the ideal chair makes you forget you’ve even be sitting a long time at all.

In the office, we have adjustable chairs to accommodate our preferences for utmost comfort. But dining chairs aren’t the same: they have to suit all your guests’ shapes and sizes.

There are a few ergonomic factors to consider when looking at a designer dining chair to achieve maximum comfort for any manner of guest:

  • Seat width: ideally 45-55cm, but no slimmer than 40cm
  • Seat height: 45-50cm is recommended

The Chloe Dining Chair, for example, has a seating height of 51 cm and a width of 48 cm.

Ready to buy your designer dining chair? Browse our full range of hand-crafted and made-to-order dining chairs of the highest quality to find a style to suit your preferences.

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