Create Your Endless Summer

As the deliciously warm months start to give way to the cooler days of winter, it can feel as if the sun is setting over summer too soon. Creating your own slice of summer at home with bright colours and fresh designs is an easy way to keep the sun shining all year around. Be inspired to create your own summer getaway with our endless summer collection or these simple tips…



Brighten the Indoors


Just like picking the perfect song, or indulging in a sweat treat, colours can have powerful emotional effects. Turning a room into an escape from the winter blues can be as easy as choosing accent colours that bring back those warm summery feelings.


Alessia Accent Chair





Tired and dreading the week to come? The cure can be found in a touch of red. Used sparsely red accents will infuse a burst of optimism and energy into living areas. Red velvet as seen in the Alessia Accent Chair, elegantly reflects the indulgence of summer and transforms the room into somewhere you’ll want to be; rain, hail, or even shine.
Percy 3 Seater Sofa
An exotic paradise is always within reach with the use of burnt orange, bathing the room in a tropical glow. Whether centred on a sofa, or dappled throughout the space using ottomans and wall art, this cheerful colour will make every day feel like a hazy vacation.



Spacecraft Handloom Aquamarine Cushion



The ultimate coastal tone, turquoise is reflective of tranquil oceans and picture perfect skies. A beautifully bold statement colour, include accessories such as the Spacecraft Handloom Aquamarine Cushion to balance the vibrant theme throughout the room.





 Amber Armchair


Teal is a sophisticated way to bring the serenity of summer nights into your bedroom or living area. Easily adaptable, match with muted tones for a laid-back atmosphere, or accent with brighter colours like, pinks, oranges and yellows for a lively infusion.
 Camilla 3 Seater Sofa
To give a space gentle invigoration, use lush pinks as seen with the Camilla 3 Seater Sofa. Providing a summery blush, pink does not have to overpower the space and can add a subtle warmth on the coolest of days.





Farnham Armchair



Reminiscent of stunning sunsets, purple is a vibrant edition to any room. For a tropical feel match with green accents and bold prints, or keep it simple with creams and pinks for a pleasant glow.



Monstera Print




Bring nature in 


Adding a touch of greenery will infuse a breath of fresh air into any space, from living rooms to bathrooms. A perfect match to any colour scheme, indoor plants are visually pleasing, bringing the feel of leafy parks right into the home. If you lack a green thumb, low maintenance plants like succulents are perfect, or simply bring green into your home through your choice of furniture and accessories like the Monstera Print





 Cato Sideboard



Make the most of natural light 


Changing darker coloured walls to simple shades of white will reflect and prolong your hours of daylight. Create a warm environment by replacing dark window trimmings and heavy blinds with lighter alternates, drawing sunlight into the room. A handy tick is to clean your windows to maximise natural light!





Tenerife Outdoor Lounge



Enjoy outdoors all year around


Outdoor entertainment doesn’t have to be limited to summer barbeques. Take advantage of a beautiful outdoor space all year by transforming it into a reading nook, or an outdoor table setting. Use throw rugs and lots of pillows to give your outdoor setting a cosy feel, or even bring indoor furniture outside to provide a more comfortable place to soak up the winter sun.





 Spacecraft Pillows



Pile on pillows 

Cushions are a great way to play around with colour and add a bit of fun with funky patterns. Create harmony in your room by pulling together your summer colour palette, featuring your choice of accent colours. Whether you love a cosy pile or a carefully curated selection, mix and match from a selection of plush fabrics and unique prints.
 Parc Chest of Drawers



Light and white wood


Clean and declutter living areas for a sense of calm, opting for white, or light wood furniture. Crisp and simple designs like the Parc Chest of Drawers will help open spaces and invite even more light into the room.
Lottie Daybed

Summer escape


With modern day life becoming ever busier, relaxation shouldn’t just be left to vacations. Daybeds create a getaway that is always available and add a sense of comfort to any room. Whether you utilise an accent colour, or decorate with rugs and cushions, daybeds will give your room the feeling of a luxurious hotel.





Lennox Armchair



Art splash 


Tie in your summer accents by choosing artwork that flirts with colour and shapes. Flourish your space with bright abstract prints, or stunning pictures of sun-soaked landscapes. When choosing your wall art remember to reflect on what type of summer feeling you’re trying to inspire and don’t be afraid to get creative.
Now, create your endless summer by choosing colours.


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