Interior Design Tips – June

Designer Tips – June Edition

Another month has passed, so we’re back with more top tips for styling your home, straight from the expert’s mouth! We asked Studio Stylist Belle for her words of wisdom, and sure did she deliver! Here’s Belle’s sparkling advice for adding contemporary flair to any space, as well as some incredible tidbits about multi-functional bar carts and what to do if you’re buying new dining chairs for an existing table.

Adding a contemporary edge to your home

If you’re looking to mix up your interior style, perhaps a little edge could go a long way. Although bringing in contemporary elements might seem a bit intimidating at first, we promise it’s achievable, and ultimately, will look stunning. Contemporary designs are often thought to be cold and harsh, but this is far from the truth – in fact, contemporary style comes in all shapes and forms. 

Bringing in contemporary elements can work no matter what style has already been established in the room, as long as it’s done correctly. One key way to introduce a contemporary edge is through adding sleek lines via furniture or decor, creating a clean look and maximising the feeling of openness in your home.

We suggest you first do this by changing out a furniture piece such as the coffee table, or adding a new piece with contemporary elements, such as a side table. Their features might include marble, metals and darker tones, all of which are cornerstones of contemporary style. If you’re really enjoying the look and want to step it up, you can accessorise with contemporary homewares, or even change out a focal piece of furniture for a real overhaul. 

Brosa Kipling Glass Top Coffee Table styled in modern contemporary living room

Kipling Glass Top Coffee Table | Shop all coffee tables

Choosing a contemporary sofa (with classic appeal)

Tying in with your contemporary styling journey, why not find a sofa to complete the look? I tend to find that choosing something timeless, no matter how many beautiful options there are, can be a bit of a mission. That’s why I’m here to equip you with my top tips! Firstly, I’d lean towards something warm and inviting but with clean, sleek lines that will transcend eras and design trends. Find something with rounded arms but a straight back to keep it soft yet structured, and if it suits your style, I’d recommend opting for modern legs in a dark colour or metal. 

Brosa Como Motion 3 Seater Sofa styled in modern contemporary living room

Como Motion 3 Seater Sofa | Shop all sofas

3 steps to refreshing your space with a contemporary feel

Leaning into the contemporary trend, here are my three must-follow steps to refresh your space with this style in mind. 

  • Contrasting your space with light and colour can give it a massive facelift. If you’re working with primarily dark shades, add a couple of pops of colour or introduce some lighter tones to revamp the room’s overall mood. Accessorising a space with homewares is an easy way to freshen up a space without breaking the bank, and often these items are inexpensive, meaning it’s less work for you to switch your existing accessories out. 
  • Darker colours are your friend, especially when it comes to your complementary pieces! Adding a darker item to your space if it’s on the lighter side can be the change that makes all the difference. Try it out with small bits like cushions, or go big with a new sofa or coffee table. The contrast of this piece with an otherwise light and airy room will create a ‘light and shade’ moment, and will emphasise any sleek lines in the space. 
  • Texture and layers are absolutely vital in a contemporary space. The more you can style and adorn a space, the more it will feel modern and upbeat. Think about it like an outfit – accessorising with jewellery, hats, scarves and other pieces can create depth and excitement, as long as you know how to pare it back where necessary. The same goes for a room. If you transfer this theory to your interiors, you might be able to see your space with fresh eyes! Add visual interest with different fabric textures, materials and homewares pieces peppered throughout the room. 

Brosa Cushla Side Table styled in modern contemporary living room

Cushla Side Table | Shop all side tables

Tips for the Dining Room

The best multi-function bar cabinet

What makes a bar cabinet is not just its drink-holding and serving features, but its overall look, feel and ability to be styled. The best bar cabinets have ample surface space and allow you to arrange your decor items to your heart’s content, creating an exciting and interesting focal point. A bar cabinet can be the centrepiece of a room, and doesn’t just have to serve a functional purpose – it’s a great opportunity to liven up your space with colour and texture. My favourite of our bar cabinets at the moment is the Carson Bar Cabinet. It’s warm, textured and visually very appealing, plus it leaves room for both styling and storage. 

Brosa Carson Bar Cabinet styled in contemporary dining room

Carson Bar Cabinet | Shop all bar cabinets

How to match new dining chairs with your current table

Eek, is buying chairs that don’t perfectly coordinate with your existing table a total design sin? Stress less – it’s totally fine, and in fact, it’s common practice. You’re not expected to go out and buy a matching set every time you want to switch it up. Instead, follow a few of our tips to best coordinate your old pieces with your new ones. 

One of my top tips here is to add texture through your new chair purchase. I’m loving upholstered dining chairs at the moment, and these never go out of style, especially if you select a natural colour like tan, oatmeal, black or white, or a bold yet popular hue like sage or rust. Upholstered chairs can really complement the grain of a wooden dining table, and they’re easy to coordinate as they’re vastly different, and don’t require you to match timber colours. Use styling tricks to tie everything in together – cushions, table runners and accessories work well for this purpose. 

Brosa Sophie Dining Chairs in Modern Contemporary Style Dining Room

Sophie Set of 2 Dining Chairs | Shop all dining chairs

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