Brosa’s Velvet Care Guide


At Brosa, we love velvets for its beauty, soft touch and overall comfort. Our Notting Hill Chesterfield collection is the epitome of precisely this — featuring not only the classic deep button tufting and English rolled arms that we all know and love the Chesterfield for — but also the highest quality Warwick velvet that is just so soft to the skin. However, velvets are not the easiest material to care for, as its fabric has intricate fibres, making it tricky to clean. In this guide, we would like to show you a few tried and true ways in caring for your velvet furniture – retaining the pristine condition it had when it first entered your home, even with the odd spill here and there.



Although we love our pets, they can be the worst enemy when it comes to retaining your velvet furniture’s lustre. It is inevitable for your cat/dog to jump onto your couch or armchair without warning, but fear not, there is a simple fix to this: the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum any accumulated hair, fur and fuzz with a piece of pantyhose over the nozzle. What this does is remove any fur that has accumulated over time on the surface of the velvet fabric.



So you’ve accidentally spilt on your gorgeous velvet piece. Accidents happen, and it’s okay. First things first — don’t panic. When we panic, we tend to make situations worse, and with delicate velvets, you simply cannot afford to. The best solution from here on is to first take a clean, absorbent cloth, like a paper towel, to soak up any excess liquid as soon as it happens. Do not dab the spill, as this will push the liquid even deeper into the velvet fibres – and that’s the last thing you want. Simply leave the cloth/paper towel on top of the spill until most of the liquid has been absorbed. When this is done, leave the area to air dry.


For more persistent stains:
1. Mix up dishwashing detergent with water until suds fill the top.
2. Apply only the suds to the stained area via a soft cloth.
3. Blot the suds onto stains until they begin to fade.
4. After it has faded, take a clean cloth to remove the remaining stain and sud residues.
5. Use a hair dryer or fan to dry the area.



Noticed that your velvet furniture is losing some of its sheen? Don’t fret. Try positioning a steamer on the opposite side of the matted areas. This helps re-instil the fluffy nature we love about our velvets. When you’ve finished with the steamer, dry brush the area, ensuring that all pile is being brushed in the same direction.
With just a little love and care, it’s possible to maintain the lustre of your velvet furniture, serving you for the many years to come. If you have any extra tips or tricks please email me at


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