Brosa’s Table Setting Guide

Brosa's Table Setting Guide

Image via Lauren Conrad


Hosting a dinner party is fun, but can require a lot of work. In between planning your recipes, gathering your ingredients and doing the cooking itself, table setting is an important element that often gets overlooked. First impressions matter, and your table setting does just that – it is what your guests first cast their eyes upon as they sit at the table. Wouldn’t you like it to be a good first impression?


Follow our quick guide below for a fool-proof dinner setting:


1. The bread and butter plate is placed on the guest’s left, above the forks.


2. The napkin is folded neatly on the service plate or underneath your forks.


3. The salad fork is on the left of your dinner fork.


4. The dinner fork  is on the right.


5. The dessert fork and spoon are placed horizontally above your guest’s dinner plate.


6. The dinner plate is placed underneath your salad plate.


7. The salad plate sits at the centre of your place setting, above your dinner plate.


8. The water glass is placed above each guest’s dinner knife.


9. The wine glass goes on the far upper right of the place setting. If you intend to serve both red and white, set the glasses in the order they will be used, from left to right.


10. You can choose to bring out the coffee cup following dinner, or place it directly above the silverware.


11. The steak/dinner knife is closest to the guest’s plate on the right side.


12. The teaspoon is directly left of the knife.


13. The soupspoon is on the far right.


A properly set table can truly enhance the experience of a delicious meal. So while it may seem basic, it’s an important skill to master. We hope this guide impresses your next dinner guests.
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