Brosa’s Bar Stool Guide

With the rise of open floor plans, bar stools are becoming a trend in homes, complementing breakfast bars and dining counters. Moving away from commercial uses, bar stools make great additions to smaller spaces, where a dining table and full set of chairs is out of the question.

However, when buying bar stools, it can be tricky to know which one would be the right fit for your pre-existing counter. To celebrate the launch of our brand new Hocker bar stool collection, we have prepared a simple and comprehensive Bar Stool Guide for you today.

Bar stools come in three sizes: low, medium and high.

linda low - bar stool guide

Seat height: 62.5cm
Recommended for: Counter benches of 86-95 cm height (and up to 100 cm for thick bench top)

goldilocks - bar stool guide

Seat height: 71.5cm
Recommended for: Bar tops of 95-102 cm height (and up to 105 cm for thick bench top)

henry high - bar stool guide

Seat height: 77.5cm
Recommended for: Tall bars of 102-108 cm height (and up to 110 cm for thick bench top)

To work out the perfect bar stool for you, you need to first measure the gap between the floor and underneath your bar (for your thighs to fit!). After doing this, you need to find the perfect clearance. The perfect minimum clearance is generally 18cm for thigh clearance, and the maximum being 32cm. Most people are generally comfortable at around 20cm to 30cm clearance.

See below for our table guide on finding the perfect clearance for each respective bar stool:

bar stool guide - perfect clearance table

If your measurement results in two overlapping stool options on the graph, this means:
You can choose between the slimmer clearance (say around 20 cm), or wider clearance (29 cm). This comes down to your personal preference.

To complement counters of every height, our Hocker collection has bar stools of three varying sizes.

linda low, goldilocks and henry high

Named after the German word for stool, the Hocker collection exudes European elegance that every dining experience calls for. Crafted from superb German beech and upholstered in strong, soft touch vegan leather, the Hocker is a versatile, polished piece that perfectly matches almost any home decor. The Hocker comes in a set of two and available in both dove white and dark brown.

To celebrate the Hocker collection, we are currently Australia-wide free home delivery to metro areas for a limited time. Be sure to take advantage of this offer, as well as $30 off on us when making your first purchase with our Hocker bar stool.

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