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Brosa x Tint

Tint’s Colour Specialists and Brosa’s Interior Stylists are joining forces to help you navigate the world of colour and interior pairings. Get the lowdown on the right white for the best base, which colour scheme suits a Scandi room, go-to shades for mid-century styling and so much more.

Scandinavian Style

Paint & Interior Pairing

Brosa x Tint Scandinavian inspired dining room

Fika Tint Colour | Koko Dining Chairs, Trapez Dining Table, Josie Sideboard Large

Hygge is a Danish word that encompasses many things, but overall, refers to a ‘cosy and comforting moment in time’. A core principle of the Hygge lifestyle is ‘moments spent with friends and family,’ but it also promotes calm, relaxation, cosiness and gratitude. Hygge is also at the centre of Scandinavian design – you’ll find that this increasingly popular style prioritises clean lines, simplicity, tranquility and comfort. If Scandi style sounds like the one for you, we’re here to help you create the perfect, relaxing space to put family first and share a meal together. Here are some of our colour and interiors tips for creating a Scandinavian feel in the dining room.

Soft, warm timbers like the natural oak featured in the Trapez Dining Table and Koko Dining Chairs create a light and airy feel. Paired with minimal yet functional elements, such as the Josie Sideboard Large, these pieces will help to create long, clean lines in your home. Be sure to declutter – a big part of the Hygge life! – and keep only your favourite treasures as decor, with the focus on negative space.

Scandinavian colour palettes are a chance to reinforce Hygge and create a calming, relaxing feel. Grey is very prominent as it promotes tranquility, so opt for something soft like Head in the Clouds that will contrast with your light oak furniture pieces. For a quintessential Australian twist, bring in the colour of eucalyptus with soft blue-green Inner Self, or for a toastier take on Hygge, jump into a creamy latte-beige with Fika.

Does colour feel like a little too much in your Scandi space? Bona-fide minimalists may prefer to opt for a white, such as Paper Plane, So Fresh and So Clean or Old School – each of these will create a perfectly pared-back look. 

Even though we’re working with a dining space, that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the soft furnishings. You can utilise a range of lush pieces, including floor rugs, upholstered dining chairs, natural fibre curtains or even linen napkins and table cloths.

To finish it off, let’s add a pop of greenery. Bringing the outside in needn’t be expensive or difficult – grab some cuttings from the garden and group them together in a vase or tie together with a ribbon. Anything that’s popping its head up nearby will do, but in particular, rosemary, parsley or yarrow suit well.

Inner Self Tint Wall Colour | Brosa x Tint Colour Masterclass

Scandinavian Range

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