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Brosa x Tint

Tint’s Colour Specialists and Brosa’s Interior Stylists are joining forces to help you navigate the world of colour and interior pairings. Get the lowdown on the right white for the best base, which colour scheme suits a Scandi room, go-to shades for mid-century styling and so much more.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Paint & Interior Pairing

Brosa x Tint Mid-Century Style Home Office

Dawn Patrol Tint Colour | Frank Large Study Desk, Lewes Shelf, Ginny Office Chair

Our home offices have quickly become where we spend most of our waking hours, so it’s important that their interiors are up to scratch – if only to look gorgeous on Zoom! Mid-century style is warm, curated and makes for the perfect design choice in any office space. It’s easy to execute and looks clean and chic yet inviting – think Mad Men, but still cosy and homey. Here are a few tips for creating a mid-century look using colour and interior pieces.

Walnut stains are a go-to in a mid-century room or home, and are featured here with the Large Frank Study Desk and Lewes Shelf. These colours will add warmth and texture to the workplace and effective achieve the mid-century vibe. 

Although mid-century harks back to the 50s and 60s, don’t feel as if you’re not doing it right if you don’t use vintage pieces. It’s become the norm to blend old and new when it comes to style and source. The profile of the Ginny Office Chair echoes a time gone by, but is still modern with clean, sleek lines. 

The mid-century colour palette is expansive, and in some sense, reflects back to the impactful things happening in history when it was first incepted. The post-war bliss everyone was feeling called for a beautiful palette comprised of shaded jewel tones and vibrant, energising hues. For a modern take on your workspace, try light, muted olives like Snug as a Bug, or soft ochres such as It’s Very Beige. To create something that plays more on the ‘modern’ aspect of this design trend, add a soft blush like Dawn Patrol. All in all, these colours will create a calming and focused space that helps to get those creative juices flowing! 

It’s Very Beige Tint Colour

Mid-Century Inspired Designs

Feeling inspired and want to start your home interiors journey? Explore Brosa’s range of mid-century modern designs.

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