Bring The Outdoors in This Winter

It may be getting cold and chilly outside but that doesn’t mean you have to insulate yourself from nature. Winter is the perfect time to bring the outdoors into your home; here are a few sweet and simple ways you can enjoy nature in the comfort of your own home.



1: Cosy up with a terrarium
Terrariums are becoming a new favourite at our office: they’re easy to look after and so simple to make. It’s a perfect addition to any home, especially those with smaller spaces. To learn how to build one, click here.


2: Simple sophistication on a tray
It’s true what they say: the more, the merrier. We love grouping our favourite succulents together on a tray because of its mobility – you can easily move it to the kitchen, on the dining table, on the coffee table. The arrangements are endless and showcasing your favourite succulents can make a great centrepiece at your next dinner party.


Potted plants

3: Pretty up your pots
Who said succulents get to have all the attention? Grab yourself a few white pots, a paintbrush and go wild with your imagination this weekend. We always love a bit of DIY here at Brosa, and it’s just such a fun way to jazz up your plants.


Red Amaryllis / Leaves in Jars

4: Add some colour to your home
For those are after a bit of pop in colour, a bright red amaryllis will definitely strike your fancy. Other colourful options include pansies, hyacinths and polyanthus, which all do quite well during the winter season.

5: For the less experienced
If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. Try this: gather a few cylindrical vases in various sizes and a few large leaves of different textures. Next, put some water in the vases and tuck the leaves in, and you now have a modern, luscious (and die-proof) take on indoor plants.

Three quick tips for keeping your plants happy and healthy:

    • For succulents: don’t over water them. Once every fortnight is fine.
    • Make sure your plants are placed where a lot of natural light comes through. Keep a medium though – too much light can also burn your plant.
    • Make sure your pots have drainage – this is to ensure that your plants don’t mould or rot.


Not only does adding some greenery to your interior living beautify your home, they keep your air fresh, can improve your mood and promote your overall well-being. What’s not to love? We hope our tips have inspired you to add some life to your home this winter. Staying indoors has never looked (or felt) so good.


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