Bouclé Furniture Style Guide by BROSA

Bouclé Furniture Style Guide by BROSA

With the year that we’ve collectively had, it’s no wonder that furniture trends are taking a turn for the cosy, warm and snuggly-yet-chic in 2021. More time spent at home stretched out on our favourite pieces means that the way we furnish and decorate our homes is evolving to incorporate new fabrics, textures and styles. Enter bouclé! 

Bouclé is actually a pretty retro trend with roots in the 1940s, that we’re seeing revived due to its comfortable feel and gorgeous appearance. Its popularity has skyrocketed throughout 2020 and into the new year, and it’s not surprising – bouclé is a beautiful material for couches, armchairs and ottomans, bringing a comfy chic feeling to any living room. 

Keep reading to learn more about the bouclé trend and how you can style it in your home. 

Brosa Ada Swivel Chair in Boucle Fabric in Modern Contemporary Style Living RoomAda Swivel Chair in Pavilion Bouclé

What is bouclé? 

Bouclé is both a type of fabric and a type of yarn, each characterised by small loops of material that create a fleecy, textured look and feel. Bouclé is generally created using wool, but we’ve also seen a number of other materials used, including linen and cotton (BROSA’s own Pavilion Bouclé is a durable polyester blend). Although it’s been around for decades, perhaps centuries, bouclé rose to fame in the 1940s when it was used to plushly upholster the iconic Saarinen Womb Chair. 

Possibly due to its retro inception, bouclé looks great on a range of furniture, but is exceptionally complemented by curvy furniture. Think mid-century modern armchairs, swivel chairs, ottomans and exaggerated couches. It’s also warm and durable, which makes it the perfect style to opt for in your home long-term. Snuggle up on a cold winter’s night on a bouclé armchair, or go big with a bouclé couch that’ll put up a good fight against its many users if taken care of correctly. Feeling inspired already? Shop Brosa’s range of Bouclé furniture, here.

Brosa Boucle Furniture for the Modern Contemporary Styled Living RoomBrosa’s range of Bouclé furniture

Styling bouclé furniture in the living room 

If you’re safely aboard the bouclé train, it might be time to talk about styling. Bouclé suits a living room in particular (although it can certainly be used as an accent in other rooms!) and lends itself to a welcoming, warm and lived-in look that still retains an element of polish.

Loving bouclé in a big way? Maybe a sofa is the perfect piece to introduce this style into your home. The Seta 4 Seater Sofa features BROSA’s Pavilion Bouclé in an off-white shade that’ll give your living room an air of 60s opulence. Style this gorgeous piece – which comes with or without a chaise – alongside a variety of cool textures including marble, solid wood and glass.

Bouclé furniture most commonly comes in neutral shades like white or grey, which means it’s up to your decor to bring the colour! Opt into everyone’s favourite Pinterest trend, the ‘neutral aesthetic’, by playing with varying shades of cream, white, brown and tan. If bolder colours are your thing, bouclé can hold its own against bright pops like yellow and pink, but may be a little overwhelmed with darker shades or jewel tones. Don’t forget to mix up the textures, too – a bouclé sofa will benefit from smoother, less busy fabrics around it, like pure cotton, linen and suede. 

Brosa Seta 4 Seater Sofa with Chaise in Modern Contemporary Style Living Room

Seta 4 Seater Sofa with Chaise

Bedroom bouclé accents

Of course, bouclé isn’t off limits in other areas of your house! It’s also a stunning fabric to bring into the bedroom, perhaps just in subtler ways. Bouclé ottomans and armchairs (especially the swivel chair) are very popular right now, and can be used to complement existing furniture pieces in your living or sleeping space. 

Style the luxe Ada Swivel Chair in the corner of a room to create a cosy reading nook, comfy space or even a place to nurse little ones. With an exaggerated rounded frame, this chair evokes total 60s vibes whilst being resolutely on-trend in 2021. Soft shades of white or earth tones would look beautiful alongside this standout piece. 

For something a little more muted, the Seta Armchair is a stunning, slouchy seat that looks incredible when dressed in bouclé fabric. The slightly Scandinavian feel of this design means it wouldn’t look out of place in a home that’s more modern or minimalist. Another favourite is the Seta Ottoman, which adds a touch of luxe without overwhelming the space, making it ideal for use in the bedroom. Style each of the pieces in the Seta range individually, or lean into bouclé’s extended moment by pairing them all together. 

Brosa Ada Swivel Accent Chair in Mid Century Style Living Room

Ada Swivel Accent Chair

Discover bouclé furniture at BROSA 

BRB, we’re off to furnish an entire room in bouclé – the cosy, longwearing and bang-on-trend fabric that’s captivating interior lovers in 2021. If you’re as obsessed as we are, discover BROSA’s range of gorgeous seating available in Pavilion Bouclé here

Not sure whether this trend will fit into your home? BROSA offer a range of virtual styling services that make designing your perfect space from a distance easier than ever. If you want to see your new favourite piece in the flesh, we have studios in Sydney and Melbourne. BROSA offer Australia-wide shipping.