Boucle Chairs – Cosy Meets Modern Living by Jenelle Witty

Bouclé Chairs – Cosy lounge armchairs you’ll love

Guest Blog! Meet one of our favourite content creators @inspiringwit, aka Jenelle Witty. Jenelle is a blogger, writer, traveller and Brosa brand fan who wrote about her love of soft, cosy lounge armchairs as she hunted for her dream chair at Brosa. Janelle has a keen eye for interiors trends along with her inherent sense of style – enjoy an insight into this trending topic and her modern home. We hope you lover her as much as we do – over to Jenelle!

My dream bouclé reading chair

I found my dream bouclé reading chair at Brosa and could not wait to share it with you. It’s added a modernist touch to my living room and become my favourite reading spot. Spending more time at home through 2020 has definitely given us opportunity to maximise our spaces. One thing I wanted was a reading chair for our living room – I dreamt of a space where I could sit down, get lost in a book, be cosy and of course look great.

Finding the perfect occasional chair

My style fits into ‘modernist’, with maybe a nod to ‘mid-century’. Designed for modern contemporary homes, the Seta Armchair has generous proportioning which gives a soft luxury feeling. I love that I can curl up and hug the matching pillow it came with. It is right at home in our minimalist living room.

Once I saw the Seta Armchair I kept going back to it but it was hard to not keep looking, Brosa had so many beautiful occasional chairs. In a similar vein, the Ada Swivel Chair (which also comes in the same Dolly White Bouclé) had my attention with its soft rounded form. The minimal, curved shape is perfect for a calm and relaxed living room or bedroom. I can definitely see myself wanting to revisit that one in my next house. Perhaps styled as a pair in a living room to offset a larger sofa and marble coffee table.

On an attention grabbing end of the scale, I did find myself drawn to the Lisette Armchair. It comes in premium linen or a range of jewel toned velvet hues. It’s sophisticated accent metal frame brings some wow factor that would make a beautiful statement.

Lisette Armchair | Shop Armchairs at Brosa

Are you even living in 2020 if you don’t have a bouclé chair?

One textile that is having a serious home decor moment is the beautifully textured bouclé fabric I feel it is easily the most popular trend in home decor in 2020. Along with curved, chubby and cloud-like occasional chairs, ottomans and sofas. Together, it’s a double style whammy!

What is bouclé?

Bouclé made its debut in 1948, when Eero Saarinen designed the ‘Womb Chair’ for Florence Knoll, a chair she could “really curl up in”. The Seta Armchair while very different in shape, delivers exactly the same feeling. A textile that went on to be hugely popular mid-century, bouclé is the perfect fresh update with a soft, inviting wooly finish.

Why the comeback? It is easily one of the most inviting comfortable textiles for the home. And boy, we have been spending a lot of quality time at home in 2020. I ordered the Seta Armchair in the practical polyester blend Dolly White Pavillion bouclé. So what is bouclé? Literally meaning ‘to curl’ in French, bouclé refers to yarn made from looped fibres. Traditionally made from wool, bouclé can also be made from polyester, linen, and cotton. Bouclé is a little like a shearling or sherpa, without the issues of shedding. I love how exaggerated the texture is, making it at once to be plush and inviting. Since I do already have an accent chair in velvet, I loved the idea of a adding a textile with dimension and softness to our home. The chair also comes in a range of neutral premium tweed shades too, which adds a chic textured touch to a minimalist living room

Styling the Seta Armchair

In styling the Seta Armchair, I wanted to emphasise textural contrast and incorporate pieces that will draw your eye to different planes. Since the chair is wider than it is tall, I decided to style the space with a floor lamp to play with height. I opted for a brushed brass lamp with a rounded glass shade to compliment the curves of the chair. That contrast between the brushed brass and the soft bouclé work perfectly. If I had a little more space, I’d love to style it with a bigger arc lamp such as Brosa’s Leo Arc Floor Lamp.

To style it further, a side table with a chic, classic marble top (in either white or black to create extra punch) would be a perfect addition. The Culsha Side Table with it’s brushed brass base and marble top would be my pick. Marble creates a perfect contrast with the cloud-like plushness of bouclé.

Happy at home

Little did I know how much this newly created space was going to be used by myself, but by my partner Mario too. We both work from home, and I often notice him taking his graphic design work to the chair as a desk break. It really is the perfect spot for him to sketch up some ideas or unwind. Yes, this is him pictured, he kindly obliged when I asked if I could take a few photos.

I am super careful about not spilling anything on the chair, but of course, it is made to be used and loved. Adding a side table to hold a cup of tea makes perfect sense. For now, the rules are ‘no eating or drinking anywhere near the chair’ which I’m happy Mario is respecting.


Finding my dream chair at Brosa was easy. Being new to the brand, I did a bit of research into the Australian company. Founded in Melbourne, Brosa has both Melbourne and Sydney Studios – but may be known from their online retail store which offers Australia wide delivery.

With an extensive range of furnishings, Brosa cover styles like mid-century, traditional, Hamptons and modern bohemian. Of course, being based in Perth, I couldn’t visit the showrooms. This wasn’t an issue as the Brosa website offers pictures from all different angles of each piece as well as a 360 degree view option. Furthermore, I was able to try out their augmented reality function on my phone which allowed me to virtually see the chair in my space and get a feel for the size and shape.

They offer free Virtual Services including tours where a Brosa Stylist tour you through the Melbourne & Sydney Studios, offering styling advice and product demos. And for a more personalised experience, you can book a free virtual consultation with a Brosa Stylist covering everything from selecting a hero piece to completing a total furniture makeover.