How to Choose the Perfect Bed – Bed Size Guide

How to Choose the Perfect Bed

Sleep is one of the most crucial parts of anyone’s day – just ask the Dalai Lama, who would wax lyrical about the importance of sleep at any given opportunity. But, getting that perfect night’s sleep can be difficult if you’re not making the most of your bed. From mattress size to your bed base, comfort and the look and feel of the whole operation, there are a few moving parts you’ll want to get right when choosing a bed. 
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Bed Size Guide 

To avoid the overwhelm that often comes with researching and selecting a new purchase as life-altering as a bed (just ask anyone who’s ever slept on an awful mattress!), we’ve rounded up some of the most common questions and concerns. This guide will get you up to speed on different Australian bed sizes and their dimensions, what type of bed will suit you, how to choose a mattress and much more. Plus, it’ll go into the nitty-gritty about bed frames vs bed bases and advise how to select the perfect style of bed to complement your home. 

Brosa Sara Queen Size Bed Frame in Modern Coastal Style Bedroom

Bed Size Dimensions 

Understanding the various bed sizes on offer is critical when purchasing your bed frame, bed head or mattress. Although it might not look like it to the naked eye, there’s actually quite a big difference between sizes – for instance, you might be able to easily slot a queen bed into your space, but the step up to a king bed might leave you with very little wiggle room. 

The below Australian bed size and dimensions will help you make an informed decision and pick out the perfect bed for your space. 

Brosa Bed Size Guide

Your Bed Size Guide

Bed Type

Metric (cm)

Imperial (inch)

Single Bed Size 92 cm * 187 cm 3’0″ x 6’2″ (36″ x 74″)
King Single Size 106 cm * 203 cm 3’6″ x 6’8″ (42″ x 80″)
Double Size 137 cm * 187 cm 4’6″ x 6’2″ (54″x 74″)
Queen Size 153 cm * 203 cm 5’0″ x 6’8″ (60″x 80″)
King Size 183 cm * 203 cm 6’0″ x 6’8″ (72″ x 80″)
Super King Size 203 cm * 203 cm 6’8″ x 6’8″ (80″ x 80″)

Bed Frames vs Bed Bases 

Okay, so you’ve got an idea of the bed size that’s best for you and your home – but what about the style of your bed? Not only is it important to find the bed with the right look and feel (more on aesthetics later), but you’ll want to determine what kind of configuration suits your needs. 

Brosa Stella Queen Size Wingback Bed Frame in Classic Traditional Style Bedroom

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There are a few ways to build a bed, each one offering its unique pros and cons. You’ve got the all-in-one route with a bed frame, which encapsulates the base and headboard. Simply pop your mattress on and it’s off to the races! The bed frame option is a must for those who want the convenience and effortless style of a piece that’s already been curated to perfection. There are so many bed frame designs on offer, so no matter your taste, it’s sure to be satisfied. 

Brosa Queen Size Upholstered Bed Base with Drawers in Traditional Bedroom

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A more versatile option is using a bed base, likely paired with a headboard. A bed base is just the lower half of the bed that supports your mattress, and this can be purchased on its own without a built-on headboard. You then have the option of sourcing a headboard, the piece of the bed that sits flush to the wall and behind the bed, where your head will rest when sitting up in bed – hence the name. The bed base and frame combo is great if you want the ability to customise a bit more. For instance, you could pair a gas lift bed – designed with ample storage space under the bed and an easy lift-up and down mechanism to hide it away when necessary – with the bedhead of your choice, whether that’s something simple and upholstered, lush velvet or a rattan statement piece. 

Whatever you decide, Brosa offer bed styles to suit all lifestyles and design needs.

Types of Bed Frames

If you’ve settled on a bed frame, there are a few options available to you. Here are a few of the most common types of bed frame. 

Standard bed frame: Ol’ faithful right here is as basic as they get, but doesn’t compromise on efficacy or style! A standard bed frame is your trustworthy headboard and bed base combo with no additional features or aesthetic add-ons. Simple yet effective! 

Metal bed frame: Opt for a more industrial look with a sturdy metal bed frame in black, silver or gold. Perfect for loft-style apartments! 

Wooden bed frame: Wooden bed frames are amongst the most common options available, and thankfully, they’re also some of the most beautiful. With a huge selection of styles, wood colours and finishes, you’ll be able to easily source the right bed frame from these offerings. 

Brosa Bruin Queen Size Wooden Bed Frame in Contemporary Style Bedroom

Bruin Queen Wooden Bed Frame

Upholstered bed frame: For an option that’s both stylish and super comfortable, we can’t go past upholstered bed frames. With extra padding on the frame that is covered in a lush fabric such as suede, velvet or linen, upholstered frames come in a huge range of stunning colours and styles. 

Brosa Arch Queen Bed Size Upholstered Bed Frame in New Art Deco Style Bedroom

Arch Queen Upholstered Bed Frame – Velvet Fabrication

Wingback bed frame: Wingback bed frames are a gorgeous option for those who like to feel ensconced in luxury as they drift off to sleep! The edges of the headboard on a wingback bed are curved inward, adding dimension to the bed and creating a whole new feel. This style looks beautiful in particular with tufted or panelled headboards. 

 Brosa Isabella Queen Slim Wingback Bed Frame in Modern Contemporary Style Bedroom

Isabella King Slim Bed Frame

Choosing the Aesthetic of Your Bed

Now comes the fun part – the aesthetics! Add some spice to your space by sourcing a gorgeous bed that suits your existing style and decor. Whether you love dreamy Hamptons-inspired luxury or always-trending mid-century modern style, there’s guaranteed to be a bed out there that will effortlessly tie into your aesthetic. 

Here are a few of our favourite bed trends: 

  • Classic Traditional: Warm, inviting and timeless, classic beds can be styled to suit any home. Our pick is the Stella Gas Lift Queen Size Bed Frame, with a stylish button tufted headboard and easy storage via the gas lift mechanism. 

Brosa Stella Tall Queen Size Bed Head in Classic Traditional Style Bedroom

  • Mid-century Modern: Mid-century modern interiors are incredibly popular, with their gorgeous blend of dark woods, Bauhaus design and lush fabrics. Bring an element of 50s and 60s America into your home with a mid-century inspired bed such as the Frank Slim Queen Size Bed Frame

Brosa Frank Slim Queen Size Bed Frame in Mid-Century Style Bedroom

  • Scandinavian: Who doesn’t love the beautiful simplicity of Scandi interiors? There’s a reason this is such an enduringly popular home design trend! Clean lines, light wood and neutral tones make up this style – we love the Cleo Queen Size Bed Frame to complement a Scandi home. 

Brosa Cleo Queen Size Bed Frame in Scandinavian Style Bedroom

  • Modern Contemporary: Keep things simple and stylish with a modern contemporary design. Think luxuriously squishy sofas, wooden furniture and mixed textures. Our go-to for this style is the Sara King Gaslift Bed Frame

Brosa Sara Queen Gas Lift Bed Frame in Modern Contemporary Style Bedroom

  • New Art Deco: When you hear ‘art deco’, you might think bold geometric shapes, smooth lines, metals and bold pops of colour – well, you’d be right! This style is gorgeous when executed right. Try the Arch Queen Gas Lift Bed Frame to bring some art deco vibes into your home. 

Brosa Arch Queen Gas Lift Bed Frame in New Art Deco Style Bedroom

  • Hamptons: Finally, relax into the lush look and feel of a Hamptons-inspired bedroom. This stunning style is a mix between elegant and beachy, inspired by the glorious homes of this renowned holiday destination. Channel Hamptons home with the Monterey Hamptons Style King Size Bed Frame

Brosa Monterey Queen Size Bed Frame in Hamptons Style Bedroom

Our Tips for Choosing a Mattress 

We couldn’t finish up our bed size and style guide without discussing one of the most important facets of your night’s sleep – the mattress! A mattress can make or break your sleep experience, so it’s important to nail it and keep your future free of any uncomfortable or restless nights. 

A few things to keep in mind when selecting your mattress are the firmness, height and material. Back and stomach sleepers generally benefit from ultra-firm mattresses like our Firm Favourite, whereas side sleepers (or those who toss and turn – we see you!) can opt for a softer bed (the Perfect Plush) or something in between (the Super Supportive). 

It’s also important to keep the height of your bed and subsequent mattress in mind when shopping. You’ll want to pay close attention to the specs of your bed frame and select a mattress that not only fits into the frame in terms of size and depth, but is within the recommended weight range supported by the bed frame. 

Brosa Isabella Queen Size Gas Lift Bed Frame in Hamptons Style Bedroom

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Finally, one last thing to keep in mind is the material of your mattress. The three main options are spring, foam and latex, each offering its own perks and pitfalls. Spring mattresses are often a very affordable option, but due to the wear and tear on the springs, may wear out faster. Foam mattresses – in particular, memory foam – are designed to mould to the shape of your body and create a ‘sinking in effect’, perfect for those who have trouble sleeping comfortably. However, they can be on the pricier side. Finally, latex mattresses serve as somewhat of a midway point between spring and foam, contouring slightly to the body and providing a nice ‘bounce’. 

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There you have it, sleep aficionados – our handy guide to everything you need to know when purchasing a bed. From the various bed frame sizes on offer, single, double, queen & king, to types of beds and their overall look and feel, you’ll now be able to go out into the world and purchase your bed with complete confidence. 

Curate your ideal bedroom with Brosa’s huge range of bed frames, bedheads, bed bases and mattresses, available in endless style and colour options to suit every home. We ship Australia wide, plus with two showroom locations in Sydney and Melbourne, it’s easier than ever to find your dream furniture piece. Discover more on our website.