At Home with Francis Mallmann

At Home with Francis Mallmann

Image via Mujeres Chic

Widely celebrated as Argentina’s top chef, Francis Mallmann has many achievements to his name: author of bestselling book ‘Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way’, he’s served dishes to big-name personalities Madonna and Francis Ford Coppola, and recently subject of the Netflix documentary ‘Chef’s Table’. However, despite his many achievements, Mallmann is a refreshingly simple man. His aura of simplicity is evident in his early decision to move away from haute-French food to fire-driven cuisines, thus placing importance on paying homage to the traditions that he grew up with. Mallman loves and dedicates his life to producing rustic dishes using only the freshest local ingredients, with a simple philosophy that wherever and whenever there’s a fire, you can make a meal.

The minimalist minded cook extends this approach beyond his life’s work to the way he lives, and it shows in his beautiful home in the countryside, outside the village of Garzon, Uruguay – where he has opened up hotel and restaurant El Garzón. With cathedral ceilings, wood and glassed in framework, Mallmann’s main living space is stripped down to the very basic necessities: master bedroom, living room, kitchen and walk-in fireplace as centrepiece. His rustic style, open-minded and minimalist adherence to his culture shines through his lovely home, as shown in the photos below.


Francis Mallmann / Brosa Bacchus Chair - ivory white, classic cream, french beige


Francis Mallmann / Brosa Bacchus chair - stone grey, sahara brown, night black

Images via Maison Decor Mag / Brosa’s Bacchus chair

Inspired by Mallmann’s minimalist way of living, our Bacchus dining chair is for those seeking to curate a beautiful, simple and uncomplicated lifestyle that is true to them. Much like Mallmann’s simple and traditional approach to cooking, we believe that every dining experience should be pleasurable yet uncomplicated, unique yet pays homage to the beautiful designs that precedes our time. With subtle curves and graceful lines, our Bacchus is a modern take on the classic 1940s dinner party wingback chair. Made from natural American oak and elevated silhouette, the Bacchus seeks to transcend your every dining experience to align with your lifestyle.

For those who are more inclined towards a lighter colour palette, our Bacchus chair comes in ivory white, classic cream and french beige. Each chair is handcrafted and made-to-order for you.

Finding that a lighter colour palette is not calling your name? Look no further than our elegant, darker-shade range of the Bacchus, now available in stone grey, sahara brown leather and night black.


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