All that glitters is gold: using metallics in your interior

Gold, brass, copper, chrome – metallics of all shades have exploded in interiors in recent years. There are no signs of the trend slowing down. They have officially crossed over into neutral territory, being as fitting in contemporary homes as they are in Art Deco apartments.

Incorporating metallic accents into a space can instantly create a classic yet stylish aesthetic. So, take inspiration from the cocktail hour of the 70s and inject some glittery glam into your home.

Strike a balance

Rule number one? Accent, don’t flood. Adding a simple touch of glimmering metal can make a space infinitely and instantly more interesting. Stuffing a room full of metallics, on the other hand, can leave it feeling tacky and overdone. Use metallics as subtle accents within a larger interior scheme. Accessories like floor lamps, shakers and bar carts work at effortlessly upping the glam in a room. The addition of sleek golden legs on the Huber Coffee Table turn what could have been another conventional household object into an interesting focal point.

Keep the colour palette calm

The last thing you want to come home to after a hard day’s work is a home filled with overly stimulating décor. Too many bright and glamorous colours and materials in a room will compete for attention, drowning out the glamour of any metallics. Keeping the colour scheme toned down will ensure your new additions aren’t lost in a sea of interior excitement. Choose soft, neutral shades or go moody with deep emerald and navy to contrast brilliantly against the metallics. The Lisette Armchair is a stunning combination of soft cream against a gold accent frame.

Pair with texture

The trick to successfully infusing a space with metallic furniture and décor is to pair them against softer textures. This will create balance and ensure seamless integration of the glamorous trend into any room. The McCoy Bar Cabinet is a perfect example of using opposing finishes against one another, with its muted grey contrasting beautifully against polished golden lines.

Avoid fads and pigeonholes

Can’t decide between gold and silver? You don’t have to! Gone are the days where interiors were locked into one particular shiny hue. Brass, chrome, silver and gold are timeless. They can introduce warmth while maintaining a contemporary edge. So is rose gold – in the right application. Mix the brushed copper Lyra Table Lamp with the polished gold of the Hertz Bedside Table to create a glamourous and unique blend. Just be sure to choose shades that reflect your personality, rather than those currently in the spotlight. This way, you will ensure that the shiny additions to your home are those that you and your family with enjoy for years to come.

Light up a space

Metallics aren’t just great at increasing the glamour levels in interiors. Shiny surfaces reflect light – which can be particularly effective in spaces lacking square meterage. This dual purpose makes them very effective at bouncing light around the room as well as creating visual interest in a dull space. Pair the beautiful brass of the Mensa Floor Lamp with a subtle metallic cushion to really ramp brighten a small room without dominating the existing décor.

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