A New Level of Comfort – Introducing BROSA Recliner Chairs

Revolutionary Recliner Chairs Are Here

The pride of a man cave, an essential for a sports game, Chandler and Joey on Friends, all conjure thoughts of a typical (usually brown) recliner chair. Nowadays, modern recliner chairs are contemporary quality pieces of design that look stylish in a loungeroom of any style and won’t break the bank.  

Arden Electric Recliner Chair – Spearmint Green

The first thought that enters my mind when talking recliners is my Grandpa with his legs out watching the Sunday night movie on his beloved (very large) leather recliner. On the odd chance he wasn’t there, one of us kids would race to take his position on this super comfortable chair.  Fast forward 20 years and the modern recliners of today are a world away from my Grandpa’s favourite chair and provide a new level of comfort matched with current design.

When Was The First Recliner Chair Designed?

Word of the first type of recliner dates all the way back to the days of Napoleon. However, it was two American cousins in 1928 who built a revolutionary wooden reclining chair and two years later they gained a patent for an upholstered, mechanical version. The recliner chairs and recliner sofas of today not only come in a wide range of on-trend colours and fabrics to suit a variety of interior design styles, they’re super simple to use with smooth transition mechanisms and hidden electric buttons.

Sloan Electric Recliner Chair – Calico Cream

With more time being spent at home than ever before and Netflix getting a constant workout, what better way to add a stylish new piece to your loungeroom that will also bring comfort and relaxation. There really isn’t anything better than kicking back at night (or even a cheeky weekend) and binge-watching the latest TV series. Now think about how that would feel on a recliner chair or 2-seater recliner that we know you’re going to love.

Recliner Chair Well-Being Benefits

Apart from the obvious well-being benefits, taking the time to unwind in a recliner chair can do wonders for your health – a recliner is a great stress reliever. (Yes, you can thank us later!)  One of the main causes of back pain is stress and combine that with sitting upright at a desk all day, a date with the couch is the perfect way to relax. When we sink into the couch at the end of the day, we naturally want to lean back and a recliner allows this with extra support.

So why isn’t a recliner chair something we consider when looking for a new lounge or armchair? There could be a myriad of reasons – it won’t match your furniture, it’s big and bulky, or it won’t fit with the aesthetic of your home. Recliners today are world away from the 1920s and even my Grandpa’s ‘80s set up, with their modern twist your style will never be compromised.

Calypso Electric Recliner Chair

Calypso Electric Recliner Chair – Aubergine Purple

Recliner Bliss – Single Seater & Loveseat Style Recliner Chairs

The new range of BROSA recliners are the perfect balance of comfort and design. With a simple touch of a button you’ll be transported into relaxation bliss. Friends and family are over? Not a problem! A 2-seater recliner such as the Sloan Electric Loveseat Recliner is the ideal addition to any home. The Sloan Loveseat is no ordinary recliner sofa, this sleek modern design takes the comfort of an old fashion recliner and it’s re-imagined into a contemporary eye-catching style. Even with a small living area this recliner lounge ticks all boxes.

Sloan Electric Loveseat Recliner Chair – Steel Blue

German engineered, the independent recline functions mean you can choose how you want to relax independently on each seat. Glide into numerous positions with a click of a button, simply put your feet up or fully recline for complete relaxation. Want more? Recliners also alter the direction of pressure from your body weight and can ease any pain you have in your back, shoulder or neck, so when you’re kicking back on your Sloan Loveseat the pain of the day just melts away.  Available in two fabric colours Calico Cream and Mentone, the moisture repellent fabric also ensures little spills can simply be blotted out.

No matter if you’re young, part of the older generation who grew up with recliner chairs, or a family with small kids, now that we are spending more time at home than ever before comfort has become our number one priority. Competitively priced, and built for comfort, quality and durability, finding the perfect recliner has never been easier with BROSA. We deliver Australia wide and if you’re not happy it can be returned within 21 days.

Making it simple to create a home you’ll love, now it’s time for you to own and chill out in class with your very own BROSA recliner.

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