A bedside chat with Keira Rumble (aka Krumble)

This week we had the pleasure chatting with the girl who created the most amazing Greywing unboxing video yet (reposted below).

We couldn’t help but wonder, what life is like for someone who lives such a super active lifestyle – constantly hopping between tropical islands, casting, running a healthy treats business, and still keeping 7-8 hour nightly sleeps (most of the time). Greywing owner Keira Rumble manages to keep it together, in style.

GW: Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspires you.

KR: My name is Keira Rumble (aka Krumble). I have a heath & wellbeing lifestyle blog and a healthy treats wholesale business. I have the travel bug at the moment, so immersing myself with some beautiful local cultures has been extremely inspiring lately. I am a big believer in living a balanced lifestyle, with moderation as a big player in all aspects of my life.

GW: Your Instagram @krumble is full of epic workouts and delicious desserts, how do the two mix together?

KR: Ahhh all in moderation! I absolutely love delicious food and even more so a killer workout. A passion of mine is to recreate those naughty loved treats (think banana bread and caramel slice) into healthy alternatives.


GW: You also seem to travel a lot, what’s your ideal holiday destination?

KR: I am absolutely loving my little adventures lately! I don’t think I have an ideal destination, I love to relax and explore so a little bit of a combination of both is great! The Maldives was absolutely amazing, I was able to work with some of the local children. I am also writing this from Heron Island (southern great barrier reef) which is truly breath taking. My next trip I am planning is going to be a bit more action packed too!

GW: How do you maintain balance in such an active lifestyle?

KR: It is really hard sometimes. My days are currently filled with being in the kitchen, castings, deliveries… I try and at least take my dogs for a good walk every morning, this means if I have had an extremely busy day and I don’t get to fit in some more workouts, I don’t feel that bad so long as I have taken the boys for a walk. It is a great way to start your morning too!


GW: How many hours do you typically sleep a night?

KR: Ahhhh this is like asking me how long is a piece of string! Haha, my days are crazy at the moment, on a good day I fit in 7-8 hours, but on a bad day it is about 5 hours.

GW: What’s your best sleep tip?

KR: Routine! I find when I have some structure into my day, I fall asleep. GW: How would you describe your first experience with the Greywing? So much fun! Unpacking it was great! My first sleep was great, I prefer a firmer bed, so it came pretty naturally to me. My family and friends are all starting to make the move to Greywing which is so great to see!


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