7 Ways to Nail the Textured Furniture Trend

7 Ways to Inject Texture Into Your Home

The easiest way to add visual interest to a room, break up a colour scheme and create exciting interiors on the whole is through texture. So, it’s a good thing that gorgeous textures are right at the top of what’s trending in design this year! Think beautiful bouclé, luxe linen, marvellous marble and more. (Alliteration is also very on-trend in our book, in case you hadn’t noticed.) 

Whether you’re adding a shag rug, accenting with metals or trying out a fab new fabric, varying textures are a must for spicing up any space. We’ve rounded up seven unique ways to inject a little texture into your existing home aesthetic, whether that be in your living room, bedroom, dining room or outdoor space.

Brosa Seta Sofa and Kipling Coffee Table in Modern Contemporary Style Living RoomShop Living Room Collection

Occasional Chairs

No matter your style or day-to-day decor needs, an occasional chair is always an appreciated feature in a room. Think of it as a cosy place to sit that also serves as a chic, fun way to add new style elements into your space. Different textures and fabrics mean your occasional chair will stand out as a core focal point of the room. 

Bouclé is perhaps 2021’s favourite fabric, so why not embrace what’s trending with your choice of accent chair? The Ada Swivel Accent Chair not only plays with shapes, but is a great way to switch things up texturally in gorgeous Pavilion Bouclé. 

Embrace new Art Deco style with an occasional chair in plush velvet, such as the Elodie Accent Chair. Or, infuse a modern-coastal essence into an otherwise-traditional room with a vegan leather piece like the Attra Armchair, a wood-and-woven structural chair that gives us minimal, Scandi vibes. 

Brosa Attra Accent Chair in Modern Coastal Style Living RoomAttra Armchair

Carved Wood

Most rooms feature a wooden element, as it’s a sturdy, reliable and aesthetically pleasing material for constructing furniture. Although wood isn’t unique in and of itself, there are small ways to add some excitement, and one is through carving. 

When we refer to carved wood, we’re talking about etched patterns that create dimension and shape. This will add another layer to your interiors and draw the eye to whatever gorgeous piece of furniture is on display. 

Bring some carved wood texture into your living room, dining room or bedroom with the Marlon range. Featuring a sideboard, tallboy and bedside table, the geometric, intricate detail in this range is edgy yet still retains a sense of refinement. It’s the perfect way to shake your decor up a little! 

Brosa Marlon Collection in Mid-Century Modern Style Living Room

Marlon Sideboard | Shop Marlon Collection 

Woven Detailing

As coastal chic continues to soar in popularity, it’s no surprise that woven details are having their moment. From wall hangings to beloved rattan, anything that’s woven goes. This is yet another fantastic way to introduce a little extra texture into your space and set it apart from the rest. 

Our go-to place to inject some flair with woven detailing is in the dining room, in particular through the Koko Dining Chairs and Koko Bar Stools. Curved and comfortable, they’ll look great in your entertaining space. Another favourite is the Harvey Bench, inspired by Danish design and a must-have for providing extra seating options in your dining or living room. 

Brosa Koko Dining Chairs in Modern Coastal Style Dining Room

Koko Dining Chairs with Woven Seat Detailing

Coastal Touches

Speaking of coastal, why not lean right into some beachy rattan accents? Although it might seem like coastal-inspired textures are trendy, they’re also longtime fixtures in the world of design, so you know they’ll never go out of style (or at least, they’ll come around again very soon). 

The Bianca Bar Stools and Dining Chairs are a simple way to spruce up a dining room or kitchen, and come in two beautiful shades of wood – natural and dark ash – with a light rattan woven seat. If you’re big into coastal style like we are, there’s also the stunning Caledonia collection, full to the brim with pieces that’ll suit every room in your home. We’re practically swooning over this beautiful range. 

Brosa Caledonia Rattan Desk in Modern Contemporary Styled Home Office

Caledonia Rattan Bookcase and desk | Shop the Collection

Metal Accents

Take a simple piece of furniture and elevate it by opting for metal accents. They draw the eye, add shine and complement modern or eclectic stylings with ease. There are lots of placement opportunities for a lil’ metal – handles and knobs, in your decor pieces or even entire items of furniture like chairs and bed frames. 

Our go-to pieces featuring metal accents come from the Hertz collection. Available in deep brown and grey mango wood, the collection features gorgeous items for the bedroom and living room that are sure to make a statement. 

Brosa Hertz Collection in Modern Art Deco Style BedroomHertz bedside and dresser from the Hertz Collection 

Going Glam 

Sleek, opulent pieces that utilise materials like marble are yet another way to spice things up in a room. Marble is synonymous with luxury, but has become far more accessible both in its true form and via options like marble laminate or marble-inspired patterns. Another gorgeous texture to work into your room, it’ll heighten the elegance and create visual interest. 

Incorporating various textures themselves, the pieces in the Memphis collection are versatile and would complement a range of styles. Featuring marble tops with panelled wood surfaces and metal accents, this collection mixes some of our favourite textures in the most pitch-perfect of ways. Give any home a mid-century upgrade with items like the Memphis Sideboard and Coffee Table Set

Brosa Memphis Collection in Modern Contemporary Styled Dining RoomMemphis Dining Table, Dining Chai & Bar Cabinet 

Smooth Surfaces

Finally, it’s all about smooth, sleek embellishments that reflect light and give your aesthetic even more dimension. We’re talking resin, marble, polished cement, glass and more. Anything that brings the shine and breaks up too much softness is a win! 

Functional and unique, the Athena Coffee Table and Athena Side Table are eye-catching additions to a modern home, whether they’re housed inside or out. They’ll tie in with almost any style, from traditional to coastal and beyond. We’re also loving smooth accents and decor items, such as the Kio Table Lamp, featuring a chic marble base and brass elements. 

Whatever kind of room you’re trying to design or reinvigorate, one thing is certain – texture is a must to help you create a balanced, multidimensional look that feels visually appealing. 

Brosa Athena Coffee table in Contemporary style living room

Athena Coffee Table | Shop Brosa Living Room Collection 

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