5 Tips for Styling Small Spaces

Tips & Tricks

How to maximise function & style

Small space living doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style for functionality, start with our 5 tips on how to maximise your space with our favourite, scaled down Brosa designs. Multi purpose furniture pieces, hidden storage solutions and neat compact designs will transform your room and elevate its functionality like never before.

1. Extendable Tables

Is your dining room tight on space but you love to entertain? Extendable dining tables are the ultimate solution – providing weekday functionality whilst satisfying your weekend entertaining needs.

The key consideration prior to purchasing your extendable dining table is to choose a size that functionally fits the space. If you are extra tight on room we recommend choosing a round dining table style – it’ll fit neatly in tight corners and naturally encourage conversation. Looking for the best of both worlds? The Olsen Extendable Dining Table is a great choice – seamlessly extending to provide space for 8 seats, it really is the weekend entertainer.

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2. Sofa & Bed Solution

Is your Pinterest board filled with modular sofas, plush lounges and 4 seater couches? Unfortunately, large oversized sofas are the first thing to go when when designing for a small living room. Start looking at multi purpose couches, sofa beds and futons – the dual functionality ensures you’re effectively utilising the highly sought after floor space. Choosing a sofa bed is especially useful for those homes that lack extra bedroom space, having the ability to transform into a comfortable spare bed in a number of seconds. For the trifecta of sofa beds, we suggest the Austin Full Sleeper Modular Sofa with storage. This full sleeper sofa bed, which comfortably sleeps two people, also has extra storage space for essential bedding items under the chaise leg. Available in a modern Storm Grey and classic Dark Gull Grey, it can be customised to suit any home!

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2. Go High Not Wide

Storage – it can seem a little boring, but it’s essential to any space. If you struggle with built in storage within your home and are looking for alternative storage solutions in smaller spaces consider these strategies.

Tall & Narrow

When floor space is in high demand, look for storage designs that are taller not wider. Tallboys & narrow chest of drawers can provide deep storage with multiple drawers whilst requiring little floor space.

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Bedside Tables

Never overlook the storage capacity of bedside tables. Deep drawers, extra shelves and taller designs can be helpful in storing your daily necessities in an accessible location.

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3. Under-bed Storage

How are you making the most of your bedroom space? Do you have room for a queen bed but no bedside tables? Are you struggling to fit your laundry into your wardrobe? Think about elevating your furniture pieces not only in style but also in storage. Under-bed storage is key when it comes to maximising bedroom space, utilising dead surface area to provide much needed (and quite expansive) storage room. Gaslift bedframes and bases with drawers are the best types of options, providing ample room for extra blankets, pillows and everything else your wardrobe won’t fit!

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4. Ottomans

It’s time for the humble ottoman to be given the praise it deserves; ottomans are not only super stylish with their plush quilted designs, but they also can be used in numerous ways.

  • The most stylish footstool you will purchase
  • Use as extra seating to extend your sofa
  • Place a tray on top and use as a coffee table
  • Choose a design with underseat storage (more, more, more storage)
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5. Bookcases & Shelves

Make a design statement and store, all in one with Brosa’s range of bookcases and shelving designs. Ladder shelves and open bookcases take up less space than boxy storage units, whilst also presenting the opportunity to make a stylish statement. Utilise the tall layout by integrating baskets and other decorate boxes on the bottom levels, whilst creating visual attraction with photo frames, books and other feature items throughout the top. For smaller, more integrated kitchen and dining room set ups open shelves make a great place to store extra plates, cups and other ceramic goods.

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For more inspiration on small space solutions and to shop furniture online, visit Brosa.