5 Steps to Styling A Statement Piece

five steps to styling a statement piece

Image via House of Turquoise

At Brosa, we love making a statement, especially when it comes to your living space. In celebration of the upcoming launch of our Chesterfield sofa collection – the ultimate statement piece – today we’d like to talk about how to style your prominent furniture piece. In welcoming a statement piece into your home, it is crucial to make it the hero of your space and here are five steps on how:


styling advice 01 - keep your statement piece to one


When making a statement, it’s important to only make one. Try not to bring in the unique pieces. While they may be special on their own, filling up a room with statement makers will not only overshine the original piece that you wanted to stand out, it will also collectively make your room a lot noisier than it needs to be. It will feel as though every furniture piece wants your attention all at once when your statement piece should be the only one drawing your attention.


styling advice 02 - pick three different colour accents


As humans, we are very visual beings attracted to colours. While colours are key to adding life to your home, you’ll be surprised that your colour palette needs only be minimal to create a positive effect in your space. We recommend choosing between two to three colours to complement your statement piece. For example, for the blue Chesterfield sofa above, two colour accents are used: yellow and shades of brown. With the use of these two colours, space comes to life and compliments the luxe look of the Chesterfield.


styling advice 03 - consider the style of your piece - match
Is your piece traditional, vintage, old? Or is it modern, Scandinavian and minimalist? Whatever style it is, you may want to incorporate secondary pieces that reflect a similar style to your statement piece. For example, you may want to have an antique coffee table to complement the style of your Chesterfield. Similarly, if your sofa is a miminimalist-inspired you may want to go for a sleek table with clean lines.
In doing so, you will achieve a more cohesive space.
styling advice 04 - consider the style of your piece - mix
Alternatively, you can do just the opposite – match the old with the new, the new with the old. The key to decorating your home is that it should be a reflection of your personal style. So perhaps you are a minimalist at heart, but still love the classic beauty embodied in the Chesterfield style. In this case, you can still welcome the beloved icon into your home, but do it with a twist. Instead of using antique furniture to match your Chesterfield, you can select simpler secondary pieces that make the inner minimalist in you sing.

In doing so, your Chesterfield – your statement piece – will truly hold its place as the hero of your space.

styling advice 05 - make your statement piece the focal point
Certain pieces, by form, are deemed secondary. These include end tables, nightstands and ottomans, armchairs. If you are looking to truly create a statement, be sure that it’s the main part of the room e.g. sofa, bed, dining table.
If you are unsure of where to position your piece, we suggest: go outside your room for a while, close your eyes and then go back in and now open your eyes. The first spot that your eyes are drawn to is usually a good spot – where your statement piece can truly drawn the attention of the spectator.


atlantic blue notting hill chesterfield - brosa
Having a statement piece does not only elevate a space; it can also change the way you feel when you’re in the room. However, in order to truly enable it to shine as the hero of the room, some measures need to be taken, as demonstrated in this article. We hope these few steps have given you that added confidence to bring in a statement piece into your home and create the living space that you truly love.


Seeking a new Chesterfield of your own? Look no further than our Notting Hill Chesterfield Collection. Named after the gorgeous and eclectic Notting Hill in London, the Notting Hill collection features the 3-seater Chesterfield sofa and the armchair in a wide assortment of colours, adding both sophistication and class to your home. To ensure utmost comfort, the Chesterfield is made from the highest quality Warwick velvets that will surely delight your guests.
notting hill chesterfield - putty beige, ocean blue, cosmic anthracite and ebony black


For those classic advocates, we have putty beigeocean blue, cosmic anthracite and ebony black.

notting hill chesterfield - yellow gold, tangerine orange, peacock teal, amethyst purple, venetian red and heritage red

If you’re an eclectic at heart after a pop of colour in your living space, our Notting Hill Chesterfield also comes in: yellow gold, tangerine orange, peacock teal, amethyst purple, venetian red and heritage red.


To celebrate the launch of our Notting Hill collection, we are currently offering Australia-wide free home delivery to metro areas. Enjoy this offer, on top of $30 off on us when making your first purchase with our Notting Hill Chesterfield.
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