3 Ways to Sophisticated Yet Practical Dining

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The dining room is so much more than simply a table and some chairs: it is a place where the family gathers and many memories are made. However, we all know children and food are not always the greatest of combinations, making practically key when it comes to dressing your dining room. Keeping this in mind, it shouldn’t necessarily mean that you should sacrifice style in place of practicality. At Brosa, we believe that sophistication and practical dining can co-exist – in fact, we encourage it. With these three simple and easy-to-follow ways, you can add personal touches to your dining space that are as pretty as they are family friendly.

1. Find a versatile, fuss-free rug

dining room rug

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Keeping a rug underneath your dining table is asking for trouble, right? Indeed, doing so immediately subjects your rug to crumbs, stains and spills. Upon first impression, rugs seem impractical. However, they are also practical in other ways: they prevent your wooden floors from scratching, add comfort and breathe warmth into your dining space.

We recommend opting for dark/bright colourful patterns and low-pile rugs – these are easy to clean and even if a small stain remains, the patterns on the rug compensate for it. Alternatively, you can go for carpet tiles – if a spill happens, you can simply replace the stained carpet tile. We are also loving the idea of repurposing outdoor rugs into indoor rugs; they are spill-friendly and easy to clean.


2. Make lighting a priority

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When shopping for dining furniture, lighting is often overlooked despite its essentiality in creating the overall vibe of your dining space. For rectangular tables, we recommend installing two to three pendant lights. For round tables, pendant lights of varying height would serve well in adding different dimensions to your dining space – elevating it beyond its utilitarian table and chairs.

3. Keep your chairs practical as well as beautiful


The Grace Collection


There is a common fear in bringing beautiful pieces into one’s home, only to have it ruined in a matter of days by unintentional but inevitable spillages – an everyday occurrence in any home with children and pets. At Brosa, we believe that furniture should not only be beautiful, but equally practical. Our Grace dining chair collection is the epitome of this philosophy, with the option of replaceable slipcovers that are perfect for easy cleaning in case of spillages.

Buying furniture can be quite stressful, as one’s final decision is often coupled with the common ‘be-all and end-all’ frame of mind. With our Grace, we would like to diminish this mindset and make furniture shopping the fun and relaxed experience that it should be: you can always change to another colour, should your style and tastes change over time. Our Grace dining chair offers a welcome opportunity for anyone who likes to swap colours and moods; with slipcovers available in six colours: classic cream, french beige, heron grey, night black, petal turquoise and stone grey.

To help you embrace this philosophy in furniture shopping, we are currently offering free shipping storewide. Be sure to take advantage of this limited offer, as well as our $30 off offer if you are making your first purchase with our Grace chair.

As a place where memories are made, your dining room should be a comfortable, elegant and inviting space. With these three simple ways, we hope you feel more confident in creating a beautiful, family-friendly space where many more memories are to be made and treasured.


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