The 12 Best Plants to Decorate Your Coffee Table

The 12 Best Plants to Decorate Your Coffee Table

Greenery is perhaps the quickest, easiest and loveliest way to add some personality to any space. Plants are an ideal centrepiece on the surfaces you use regularly, too, including the coffee table. Not just for TV remotes or stacks of unread books (we see you, and we salute you), a pop of flora can liven up the living room and add depth and vibrance to your coffee table. 

Want to jump on the plant bandwagon? Here are twelve designer-approved options that will look good, survive and even thrive on your coffee table. Sadly, the same can’t be said for that neglected, day-old cup of tea…

But first, why plants? 

First of all, plants are undeniably gorgeous. They convey newness, add colour and texture and overall, give new life to a space. Studies over the past decade or so extol the virtues of a little greenery in the home – in fact, plants have a huge variety of benefits. 

Scientifically, they purify the air – remember that CO2 and oxygen chat we had in Grade 6 science? Plants help to absorb the CO2 we breathe out and in turn, ‘exhale’ oxygen, which we need to breathe happily. Plus, plants have been lauded for their ability to boost our moods. They reduce stress, add a sense of calm and encourage productivity, creativity and focus. Who wouldn’t love that, right? 

With all that in mind, let’s discover some perfect pot plants to suit any home.

1. ZZ plant 

The low maintenance girl of the plant friend group, a ZZ plant requires little to no work, light or water. A must-have for the plant-killers of the world.

2. Snake plant 

AKA ‘Mother-in-law’s tongue’ (vicious), the snake plant is characterised by its long, spiky leaves that are often marbled with green and yellow. Although they come in many shapes and sizes, a little lad or lass will be the perfect addition to your coffee table. Create contrast with a rounded piece, such as the Henley Low Set Coffee Table in Scandi Oak.

Brosa Henley Low Set Coffee Table styled in mid-century modern living room

Henley Low Set Coffee Table | Shop all coffee tables

3. Pothos plant 

Not ready to fill your brain with lots of plant information? A pothos needs no instruction, because whatever you do to it, it’s likely to survive. Its beautiful, wide trailing leaves are a lush green and will look gorge wherever you put them. They also come in eye-catching marbled variants. 

4. Peace lily 

Absolutely drool-worthy in any home with white accents, the peace lily features green leaves and big, elegant white flowers. We love this plant styled on a white coffee table to really amp up that clean look. Rest it on the Enzo Coffee Table for a breezy Hamptons feel. 

Enzo Coffee Table styled in Hamptons living room

Enzo Coffee Table | Shop all coffee tables

5. Rubber plant 

As the name suggests, this plant is characterised by waxy, almost rubbery leaves. They’re a darker green (perfect for a moody space!) and are wide but easy to keep contained.

6. Succulents 

Keep your coffee table on point (pun? Who, us?) with a succulent or cactus. These babies require very little maintenance and come in a huge range of varieties, with different looks, feels and even colours! Pop them on something with rustic or metal elements, like the Nina Coffee Table Set

Brosa Nina Coffee Table Set styled in coastal living room

Nina Coffee Table Set | Shop all coffee tables

7. String of pearls 

Trailing plants are to die for on a coffee table, and our go-to is always a string of pearls. Its small, bead-like ‘leaves’ will, with proper care, cascade out of their pot and into draping strands for an eye-catching look.

8. Bonsai 

Add some Japanese flair to the coffee table with a bit of bonsai! Although these do require some maintenance, looking after one may just become your new hobby. A bonsai in all of its shapely, unique glory will add some excitement to a modern coffee table like the Huber Coffee Table in white marble. 

Brosa Huber Coffee Table white marble styled in mid-century modern living room

Huber Coffee Table | Shop all coffee tables

9. Air plant 

Another low maintenance addition to the coffee table is the humble air plant. There’s no soil necessary, meaning you can literally stick it in a jar or terrarium with some light and water, and let it grow – if that’s not simple, we don’t know what is!

10. Bunny tail grass 

If you’re big into interior styling, you’ve probably seen bunny tail grass making the rounds on Pinterest – these are tall, lush reeds in varying neutral tones with a bushy top that looks like a rabbit’s tail. Even though they’re not green, they’ll add texture to any room, especially if you’re into a similar colour palette. Prop these up on the edge of a Scandi table, such as the Mia Coffee Table with Shelf, or perch them on a mid-century modern piece for contrast.

Brosa Mia Coffee Table with Shelf styled in Scandinavian living room

Mia Coffee Table with Shelf | Shop all coffee tables

11. Chinese money plant 

Round, beautiful leaves and a friendly feel characterise the Chinese money plant. This small plant’s graphic nature means it’s the perfect addition to an eclectic home, such as one styled with mid-century modern or Art Deco elements.

12. Spider plant 

Finally, the spider plant is another easy-to-nurture plant that will sit pretty on any coffee table. Spiky, light green leaves are commanding and exciting, the perfect addition to a square or rectangular coffee table like the Kipling Glass Top Coffee Table

Brosa Kipling Glass Top Coffee Table styled in modern living room

Kipling Glass Top Coffee Table | Shop all coffee tables

Grab your greenery, a couple of pots and some basic gardening supplies and you’ll be off to the races, ready to bring some charm and vibrance to your living room. Plants are a gorgeous element in any home, no matter the style, so be sure to make the most of them where you can, including on the coffee table

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