Black Chairs

They say that every girl needs a little black dress: well every home should have a black piece of furniture. The biggest benefit of adding black armchairs to your space is that it matches every style. There is nothing that this colour does not match or complement. Dark and simple. a black velvet armchair could be the winning piece in your decor.


The simplest way to ensure a clean, sophisticated decor is to select neutral colours and designs. Blocking areas with whites and blacks is perfect for a minimalist arrangement. Selecting a neutral, yet bold colour like this will allow you to mix and match a variety of colours and patterns without any concern for a colour clash.


Choose textured black armchairs for your next renovation

When redesigning your interior decor, choosing matching furniture can be a difficult task. Make it simple by selecting beautifully textured pieces. A black velvet armchair is ideal for an accent chair in any room, or perhaps you want to keep maintenance simple and style high with a set of black dining chairs? Whatever your need, Brosa has ample choice for you.


With this dark and dramatic shade, texture and detail becomes your main feature. The materials used can be the difference between a boring dining set or a set of innovative modern black dining chairs. Details such as buttons, ridges or wooden legs all add to the beauty of each piece made for Brosa.


Sofas, armchairs, ottomans and dining chairs for sale

At Brosa, we specialise in all types of furniture from lounge chairs to hall tables. The range of chairs for sale at Brosa is unbeatable, as is the quality. We deal direct with the maker of each piece to ensure that only carefully constructed and designed pieces become a part of the collection. When you shop with us you are shopping with confidence as each of our items is carefully selected and created with the utmost care. There is not a single Brosa piece in existence that has not been rigorously tested prior to being put up for sale.


Browse our collection online or call 1300 027 672 to discuss our pieces. We are more than happy to discuss any of our pieces or give you advice on shipping costs or other issues you may have.


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