Bench seats

Bench Seats

Indoor Bench Seats Ideal For Any Home Or Restaurant

Our range of wooden bench seats is ideal for any homeowner looking to...

Indoor Bench Seats Ideal For Any Home Or Restaurant

Our range of wooden bench seats is ideal for any homeowner looking to add a unique sitting space for your family and friends. Select a dining bench seat that complements your dining table, or simply run a timber bench seat under a window to create a special reading nook. With a large collection to choose from, you can turn any space into a great area to congregate within your home.

Bench Seats to Enhance your Entertainment Space

Entertaining guests in your new home can be one of the most exciting things about having your own space. However, decorating your home to stand out from the crowd can become costly when you want in-vogue pieces. Brosa offer a new way to shop for designer pieces. Cutting out all the middlemen by working direct with the craftsmen of these pieces, you can access hundreds of designer items at affordable prices. Forget the traditional showroom retail experience and enjoy the savings offered through Brosa.

Benches crafted will excellence

Each timber bench seat offered on the Brosa website is built with only the highest quality materials available. Our promise to you is to offer furniture that is stylish as well as functional. We do not compromise on the quality of our pieces to cut prices. By dealing with the designers and craftsmen directly, we are able to provide you with a unique quality assurance for each of our benches. Whether you choose a red-legged indoor bench seat as a feature piece or you want a simple dining bench seat, Brosa have a constantly evolving collection to suit your needs. The best thing about our pieces is that they make ideal matches for a variety of other products in our range. Match your wooden bench with one of our modern dining tables or complement your current coffee table. Alternatively, use this piece as a dining bench with some matching dining chairs.

Call our team today to find out more about any of our products

At Brosa, our friendly team is more than happy to discuss any of our products with you. Whether you want to chase up an existing order or you simply have a few question about whom we are and what we do, call us on 1300 027 627.

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All Bench Seats

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