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Tables are essentials for any home, big or small. So indulge in one that's both stylish and versatile. We've got you covered with our diverse designs. Read more

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All Tables

Gather round the tables

As a core furniture piece for most of your daily home living activities, a memorable table is always appreciated for its function and style. Throughout Brosa’s collection of tables, you'll find a selection of designer styles to match your overall personal aesthetics and home décor.

Spoiled with plenty of choices

With everything from bedside tables, trestle tables, dining tables, and coffee tables with drawers, our range has something for your home living needs. Each designer table is crafted from only the finest materials, made to suit the needs of any group, household and family.

For that extra level of sophistication also take a look at our range of dining chairs and sofas to complete your living or dining experience.

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