Wooden Vs. Fabric Bed Heads

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Your bed is the place where you start and end your day, so establishing the perfect cosy sleep situation is crucial. After you’ve sorted your mattress and bed base, though, the fun doesn’t stop – the right bed head is worth paying special attention to. Not only can a bed head make or break your comfort when sitting up or lying in bed, but these beautiful pieces can reinforce your sense of style and tie the room together.

If you’ve ever flipped through an interior design magazine, browsed an online store or visited a furniture showroom, you might have noticed that there are two distinct types of bed head. The question of wooden versus fabric bed head is, when it comes down to it, completely your decision, however they both have their pros and cons.

Fabric bed heads

Synonymous with luxury, softness and a relaxed vibe, fabric bed heads are definitely growing in popularity. Plus, they give you the chance to make a decorative statement with lots of varied colours and styles. Here are a few things to consider if you’re shopping for a fabric bed head.

Colour combinations

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Where the majority of wooden bed heads are available in shades of brown, white, grey and black, fabric bed heads comprise the full colour spectrum. We’re talking pinks, purples, blues and greens – if you can dream it, it’s likely someone makes it. With an entire painter’s palette of colour right at your fingertips, creating the ultimate bedroom to suit your style is a simple task.

Of course, that’s not to say that bold colours are your only choice. Fabric bed heads are just as common in neutral tones, making them a highly versatile choice and ensuring you’ll be able to find something that hits the nail on the head. These light tones will give the room a spacious feel, allowing you to communicate that opulence without overcrowding.

Superior softness

Another thing we love about fabric bed heads is how lusciously soft they are! If you love lounging around for a few extra hours on the weekends, or prefer to get work or reading done in bed, a fabric bed head is a must. You’ll barely need to prop up the pillows with a fabric bed head, as the soft, upholstered nature of this piece gives unparalleled cushioning. We can’t wait to sleep in!

Cleaning needs

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When you first get a fabric bed head, it’ll be like leaning up against a pristine, fluffy cloud, but if not taken care of properly, this can quickly turn sour. It’s super important to look after your fabric bed head, and that means regular cleaning using the right stuff – so, if you’re not prepared to whip out the vacuum, detergent and fabric cleaner, then this piece of furniture should be struck off your wishlist immediately.

Depending on the style and material of your fabric bed head, there are a few ways to clean it thoroughly and prevent against stains, wrinkling and ageing. Most routines include vacuuming with a small hand-held vacuum, using a fabric cleaner or detergent to remove stains and always keeping on top of spills as they happen. If you do all this, your fabric bed head will last ages and look gorgeous throughout.

Wooden bed heads

Wooden furniture has so many upsides – it’s timeless, sturdy and generally means your piece has been crafted well. Plus, with so many types of wood on offer, it’s not a tough task to find something you absolutely love. So, why not give a wooden bed head a go?

Colour choices

The sheer variety of woods available for furniture means that playing with colour – of course, within the neutral spectrum – is simple. Whatever the existing scheme within your room is, you’ll be able to source a bed head in wood that will complement it. Wood in particular lends itself to medium and dark brown tones, but you’ve also got the option of a light wood to create an airy feeling in a Scandinavian or coastal-inspired home.

Versatile styles

One of the hands-down positives of a wooden bed head is the ability to adapt it to a range of interior design styles. From beachy, relaxed light wood to a beautifully-stained piece of dark, heavy wood with mid century charm, there’s a bed head to suit every family and home.

Colour’s just one aspect of a wooden bed head that can be varied to fit your aesthetic. You’ve got the option of carved wood, which can (depending on the overall design) create visual interest in a contemporary, boho or even traditional home. Find a rustic, unpolished bed head to amp up the rugged cottage vibes, or try a rattan bed head to be transported to the Hamptons.

Whatever look you’re after, it’s pretty certain you’ll be able to establish it using a timber bed head.

Easy cleaning

There’s nothing worse than having to pull yourself from that chill, cosy morning in bed to clean, of all things. If you’re also averse to the sight of a sponge or vacuum, a wooden bed head might be the perfect solution. Although they do need to be dusted and polished every now and then, depending on the type of bed head and wood, they’re less work to clean overall. Plus, if you’ve got messy kids who like to climb in bed with you, or a puppy who wakes you up with slobbery kisses every morning, a timber bed head will resist any wear and tear they inflict.

Pillow problems

An unfortunate – but definitely not insurmountable – downside of a wooden bed head is its level of comfort when you’re propped up in bed. If you like to sit up and read, work or watch TV, a timber bed head won’t give you the soft, cushy place to rest your head that a fabric one will.

Thankfully, all you need to do is grab a few pillows and arrange them in a way that works for you. If this sounds like too much work, or you spend a lot of your time chilling out in these positions, then perhaps a wooden bed head isn’t the right fit.

Stark structure

A common complaint about the wooden bed head is its structured nature – both aesthetically and functionally. They’re physically very rigid, so keep this in mind when making your choice. Most wooden bed heads also have sharp corners due to their rectangular shape, which might be a consideration for those with little ones who like to co-sleep or visit their parents in bed.

Aesthetically, wooden bed heads can also be quite stark. For most homes, this works, and can be livened up throughout the room with soft bedding, cushions, plants and wall hangings. However, if your style is totally plush and dreamy, wood just might not suit.

So, which one should I choose – fabric or wooden?

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Now that you’re up to scratch on materials, colours, styles and cleaning options, the choice is yours to make. Both styles of bed head evoke a totally different look and feel, and have their functional pros and cons, so use these to inform that all-important (and exciting!) final decision.

If you’re still not sure, perhaps the right piece will change your mind! Brosa’s range of bed heads includes gorgeous options across a range of styles including coastal, mid century modern, traditional, modern contemporary and Scandinavian.

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