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Wooden Vs. Fabric Bed Heads

A bedhead can transform the look of your bedroom altogether. A quick glance through a furniture showroom or interior design magazine may have introduced you to both wooden and fabric bed heads. Which one is best? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each. 

Wooden bed heads

Wood isn’t just for the fireplace. Look around any well-furnished house, and you’ll see first-rate pieces designed with this material. Bed heads can come in wooden designs. Some aspects of a wooden headboard are intriguing, and others might make you say “no thanks,” and leave the wood to the dining room table only. 

Wood Can Be Used to Create a Specific Look

Have you ever seen a beach cottage with driftwood accents? Then you know the charm that a specific type of wood can provide when it is used intentionally. 

Wooden bed heads can vary in style depending on the type of wood, design, and finish. You might be able to find the particular look you are craving with the right variety of timber. 

Shiny polished wood creates a sophisticated look. Carved wood can be eccentric and artistic. Rustic cuts will give the room a forest air. We’ve even seen an upcycled door used as a bedhead. 

wooden bed head

The many options are excellent for someone looking for a particular look. A beach house cottage with a bed head made of driftwood is the perfect example of this.

Dark, Neutral Tones

If you are looking for a dark, robust piece to round off your bedroom, wood can fit the bill. When wood is left in its natural state, you’ll see lots of neutral tones that vary from tan pine to dark mahogany. Wooden furniture left in its natural state is usually in the medium to the dark side regarding tone. It is hard to find a light wooden bedhead unless you opt for a painted option. 

A neutral, medium to dark headboard will give the bed a lot of presence in the room. This look works well in a large bedroom with tall ceilings. In a small setting, the tone of the bedhead might make the room feel cluttered instead of spacious. 

wooden bed head

Dust and Done

Do you hate to vacuum and detest the sight of a damp cloth? Wooden bed heads need to be dusted regularly, but the chihuahua fur won’t stick to the surface quite as it will on an upholstered headboard. 

Regarding upkeep, a wooden headboard doesn’t require much. You might have to resurface it if hair oil stains soak in, or if your finishing starts to scratch, flake, or dull. 

Occasionally you’ll have to break out the elbow-grease and polish the surface if you want it to shine. The way you deep clean will depend on the finish of the wood.

Bring a Pillow to the Party

Are you a leaner and a reader? Be sure to prop your pillow up against the hard boards if you want to sit up in bed. Even with padding, a wooden headboard isn’t as comfy as an upholstered bedhead. If you’re searching for a cosy, soft feel when you sit up in bed, you’ll have to keep looking. A wooden bedhead won’t deliver that. 


  • Many styles so you can get the unique look you want
  • Dark, rich tones look right in the right space
  • Easy to clean


  • Hard
  • Uninviting
  • Darker variety of timber might create a cluttered feel in a small room

What about Fabric bed heads?

Fabric bed heads bring a lot to your bedroom regarding look, feel, and functionality. Here’s what these pieces have to offer. Like wood, there are some drawbacks. It's up to you to weigh the pros and cons. 

Any Colour You Want

fabric bed head

Most wooden bed heads come in neutral colours. But fabric bed heads come in a whole span of colour options. From Orcein Purple to Ocean Blue, you’ll have a painter’s palette at your fingertips as you pick out a fabric bedhead. 

These possibilities can open up interior design options in the bedroom that make a room come alive. 

In addition to many colour options, you can find light shades. Pale cream, tan, or pink can keep a room looking spacious instead of cluttered. You can add the sophisticated detail you want without over-crowding the room. 

Deserves a Good Cleaning

Upholstered bed heads need to be cleaned regularly. If you don’t like to bust out the cleaning supplies, think twice before getting one. Check the fabric you buy to see if it is wrinkle resistant. Find out how to clean the material, and make sure you’re up for the job. 

You might know from experience that if upholstery isn’t cared for correctly, it can become dingy looking. And that’s no good! You’ll need to be on top of stains, spills, dust, and animal hair. If you do this correctly, the piece will age well. 

So Soft

fabric bed head

Fabric bed heads solve the problem of how you can engage with your bed. They give you something soft to lean up against. That’s divine for those who want to delight in their time in bed, even when they are not sleeping. 

Reading, chatting, browsing the internet, watching the latest episode of your favourite show with chocolate-covered cherries... it’s all more fun when you do it in bed. 


  • Many colour options
  • Light colours available for a spacious look
  • Can lean against it 
  • Comfortable and luxurious
  • Can provide warmth


  • Needs regular cleaning
  • If not cared for it will start to appear aged

What Else Do I Need to Think about Before I Decide?

The final thing you need to do before deciding is to look at some wooden headboard designs as well as some fabric designs. You now know the pros and cons of each material. It’s time to think about what is on the market. 

When you see a bedhead that catches your eye, imagine it in your bedroom. Imagine how it will look with the other furniture in the room. Imagine leaning up against it with your cup of tea. Start your daydreaming today!