Guest Room Decorating Ideas That Are All Too Simple

Whether it's your in-laws, a child's friend, or one of your friends coming to stay with you for a few days, everyone should have a good night's sleep in your guest room. 

The guest room should make anyone who enters it feel like it's a home away from home. To do that, you have to decorate and supply it accordingly. 

You don't have to be a five-star hotel, but you have to give off a warm ambiance in the room. Not literally warm, unless of course, it's the dead of winter. We've got a few basic guidelines for what you should do to make your guest room comfortable for everyone.

Multiple Blanket Options

a bed with multiple blankets

How many times have you gotten in bed and haven't been able to decide whether to sleep under or outside the covers because it's too hot? 

Having duvet covers of different thicknesses and densities lets your guests sleep as hot or cool as they want. Also, having them in different colours can bring out the room's decor or blend with seasonal accents. 

Have them neatly folded and placed in a closet for easy reach. If the guest room doesn't have a closet, just put the blankets at the foot of the bed.

Add a Bedside Table or Nightstand

a designer nightstand next to a bed

Guests need a place to put phones, glasses, and other things they don't want in bed. The best nightstands have a top-accessible drawer. 

You should place the nightstand about six inches from the bed, aligned with the head and usually on the right side. Most people are right-handed and want to be able to reach with their right arm to get something without needing to turn over.

Give Your Guests Power

We use our mobiles more than ever before. In the rush of packing it's easy to forget a charger. Have a few different types of chargers: USB-Mini, USB-Micro, and Lightning cables fit virtually all types of smartphones and tablets. Try to keep your electrical outlets in the guest room clear and easily reachable. If you can't do that, at least have an outlet strip nearby.

On the same note, your guests will likely need to go online. You should make it so they don't have to use up data; leave a note on the bedside table or explain to them what your Wi-Fi password is so they can use your Internet. 

Don't Make It Personal

a minimal styled bedroom

The feel you should aim for is that of a hotel room. If you've got clothes in the closet, move them for now. Your guests should have room to hang clothes in the closet, so they don't have to live out of a suitcase. On that note, be sure to supply coat hangers.  

If you have photos of your family on the dresser, take them down. Too many personal effects can make it feel like your bedroom. Well, technically it is, but you don't want to make that point obvious to your guests.

Pillows, Cushions, and More

a designer bed with multiple pillows

No, you're not trying to make a pillow fort, although that's undeniably fun. However, the more pillows you have on the headboard, the more comfortable the bed looks. 

Plus, a few extra pillows make it easier for someone to sit propped against the headboard with a good book and still have some to spare. Just don't overdo it – there should be enough pillows to cover the head of the bed, but not to cover the whole bed.

Reading is Fundamental

If the person staying with you isn't of a technological bent, he or she might still want some entertainment. 

Keep a few magazines or books near the nightstand as a welcome gift of sorts. Try to find current best-sellers or classics. And make sure it’s light reading noly - you don’t want to intimidate your guest with the challenge of finishing War and Peace during their stay!

Keep it Zen

a neutral coloured bedroom

You want to promote a sense of serenity and calmness to foster your guests' comfort. Use neutral tones for your bedding, carpeting, and wall paint. Not all the same colour; that can just look off-putting. 

Stick to classic creamy hues. Picture what a hotel suite looks like, and emulate that mental image when picking out a colour scheme.

The same thing goes for any wall paintings. Peaceful, natural scenes work best for the guest bedroom because they promote sleep.

Add Some Greenery

Greenery in a designer bedroom

Want to instantly make your guest space look more hospitable?  Add a vase of fresh flowers or a potted plant if you have one. This splash of green amidst the more neutral colours can liven up the room, and some plants can also give off a fresh scent. Keep the plant in the area closest to sunlight if your guest room has an outside window. Otherwise, just make sure to water it regularly and place it near another light source; you want the plant to stay vibrant and healthy for the best effect on the guest room.

Overall, just think of yourself as having to decorate a hotel room. You want a neutral, yet welcoming look. Using cream-coloured shades, neutral bedding, and similar colours for the wallpaper or paint work best for this purpose. Think about what you would want if you stayed in someone's guest room for a couple of nights. 

One option you can try is to sleep in the guest bedroom yourself for a few nights before having company. Note how it makes you feel in the morning and change it accordingly. As long as you keep it simple, your guest will find the room comfortable and pleasing.

Get inspired to design your guest room with our designer bedroom furniture and home decor. You’ll soon make a room so divine, you won’t want to give it up to anyone else!