Choosing the Bed Size Perfect for Your Room

When you’re picking out a bed, there’s so much more to consider than first meets the eye. Yes, it’s the place you rest your head at night – but the way we sleep affects our lives immeasurably. Plus, your ability to navigate your space comfortably and effectively is far more important than you might think.

As a result, purchasing a bed should be a careful process. Your bed is an investment in your health, as you strive for a great night’s sleep that leaves you feeling relaxed and rested when the sun comes up. Considerations like floor space, bed type and its orientation in the room will all contribute to the way you sleep, so keep these in mind before you pick out a beautiful new bed.

Keep reading to learn our tips for selecting the right bed size for your room and needs.

Start with your room size

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Your bed might be the focal point of your bedroom, but it’s not the only furniture piece you have to work with. There are so many elements that can be placed in a bedroom, depending on its size. After all, we each have unique needs, whether that’s a place to work hard, extra storage for that online shopping addiction (we’re feeling slightly attacked… ) or somewhere to get ready in the morning. As a result, when picking out a new bed you might have to work around dressers, bedside tables, desks, armchairs and more.

The available space in your room will determine the overall size of the bed you can opt for. If you don’t currently have any furniture in your room, you’ll want to roughly work out where you’d ideally place your bed and then carve out space for any other pieces you want to add in. If the rest of the room is already fitted out, however, you’ll have a much better idea of how much room is left for the bed. Be sure to consider the clearance you’ll need on all sides to easily walk around and go about your day-to-day activities in the room. Don’t forget to account for doorways, built-in wardrobes or cupboards and other elements that can’t be moved. You’ll need at least 60cm of clearance either side of your bed to comfortably get out and move around.

One way to approach the space allocation process is by using the 60/30/10 design rule. Allot 60% of the space for furniture, 30% to be left clear and 10% for additional items like decor or simply the things you leave on the floor at the end of the day, like your bag.

Consider how you like to sleep

The way you sleep will be a huge factor when determining the size of your bed. Ultimately, your comfort is the biggest consideration, so cast your mind back to the last week or so of sleep. Are you comfortable in your current bed? Why or why not? Is it the size, space and configuration of your bed and the room that makes or breaks your sleep, or is it another issue like mattress feel, noise or external factors that’s affecting your slumber?

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If you sleep quite compactly, or like to snuggle up on your own or with a partner, you might be able to make do with a smaller bed like a double or a queen. If you prefer to sprawl out and really make use of the comfy bed space, you might prefer looking at a king or even super king sized bed. The same thing goes for how you sleep – if you wake up regularly, you’ll need unimpeded space on your side of the bed to get up and down in the dark.

When you reminisce on your recent sleeping habits, mark down anything that’s inhibiting a good night’s sleep and see whether it can be tied into the size of your bed and configuration of the room.

Weigh up functionality

If you’re working with a small space, buying a bed can be frustrating – it often takes up more than half of the room, and you’re left feeling boxed in and like you’re not making the most of the little square footage afforded to you. Thankfully, there are so many function-first options out there that are working to solve the big bed, small space problem.

One way you can really get bang for your buck, and keep the room feeling spacious, is by purchasing a bed with built-in storage. There are lots of configurations on offer, so be sure to take some time and really find the one that works best for you. One of the most popular styles, though, is the gas lift bed.

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Gas lift beds can be hoisted up from the base, revealing a hollow space to store items that are otherwise inconvenient to have in your room, like off-season clothes, suitcases, bed linens and storage boxes. These used to be very utilitarian and not very aesthetically pleasing, but now, you can find gas lift beds in a huge range of designs across different styles, making them the perfect pick if you’re looking to create more space in a small bedroom.

Don’t forget to think ahead when it comes to size and functionality, too. As your life changes, your needs will too, so if you can foresee yourself needing more space then plan accordingly.

Dimensions matter

So, you’ve worked out roughly what size bed you’ll need, but let’s take this one step further so you’re really sure. Knowing the dimensions of common bed sizes will ensure you can budget for the space your new purchase will take up, and as a result, how much will be left in the room.

You’ll find standard size beds in five common sizes in these dimensions:

  • King: W183 X D203 X H24
  • Queen: W153 X D203 X H24
  • Double: W138 X D188 X H24
  • King Single: W107 X D203 X H24
  • Single: W92 X D188 X H24

There’s also the coveted super king, a huge option for those who really need lots of space, like partners who prefer to sprawl out or anyone co-sleeping with kids. Super kings are even bigger than all of the above, with a width of 203cm.

Bear in mind, though, that all of the above are mattress sizes. Your bed frame, base or base-bed head combo will add a few more centimetres to the bed on all sides, depending on its style and weight. This is important to remember as you’re working out the final clearance space you’ll have around your bed.

Don’t forget to consider the height of your bed, either! A bed that’s too low or too high can really throw you off and add unnecessary discomfort or frustration to your evening routine. Everyone’s different, so work out what best suits you and your family and go from there. Remember, if you’re using a headboard and bed base paired together, you’ll need to ensure that they’re compatible heights both spatially and aesthetically.

Match your decor

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Although this may feel like a styling tip (and in a sense, it is), the style of your bed can actually affect its size quite a bit! For instance, classic traditional beds are more ornate and can include larger design features like wooden frames or quilted bed heads. These will overwhelm a small space if not placed correctly, but will look gorgeous in a more spacious room.

On the flip side, modern or Scandinavian bed frames are generally minimalist and sleek, making them great options for a smaller bedroom. However, if you’re working with a very spacious bedroom, you might want to consider additional furniture pieces or some decor to balance and fill the room. Typically, you’ll be attracted to bed styles that align with your overall interior vibe, but always remember to keep functionality at the top of your priorities list.

Placing your bed

Finally, once you’ve selected the perfect bed, it’s time to place it in your room. Get excited – the fun part starts now! Styling a bedroom is exciting, as it’s where you’ll spend lots of time, even if that time is consumed primarily by sleep. Where you place your bed in the room will not only affect your use of the room and its overall functionality, but it will contribute to the style and your night’s sleep, too.

Once again, this comes down to personal choice, but the most common placement for couples or people sharing a bed is in the centre of the room. This allows for both occupants to easily leave the bed with ample clearance, and lends itself to a bedside table on either side. The bed is generally placed lengthways in the room, but depending on how much space you have, there’s also always the option of rotating the bed.

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If you’re sleeping solo, there are even more possibilities at play! Maximise space by pushing the bed up against one wall. Although this may mean it’s trickier to make of a morning, you’ll free up heaps of floor space and create a cosy den to snuggle into at night.

Whatever size and style of bed you end up going for, the most important thing is that you’re happy with all of its elements, including form, functionality and comfort. Keep style in mind throughout, but don’t forget to prioritise your use of the bed and make sure all household members using it will be able to with ease.

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