Choosing the Bed Size Perfect for Your Room


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Getting a new bed isn’t just about buying new furniture. It’s an investment in your health, with the benefits of getting a good night sleep lending itself into every area of your life. Before you go about planning and mood boarding your dream bedroom, think about a few key things that will affect the layout of your room. Total floor space, bed type and orientation will affect the way you sleep, so consider these before scrolling through our selection of beautiful bedroom designs.

Start with Your Room Size


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Your bed may be the key furniture piece within your bedroom, but it isn't the only one. Bedroom storage such as a chest of drawers or tall boy, bedside tables and wardrobe spaces are additional furniture pieces that need to be considered alongside your bed when creating your bedroom layout.

Start by measuring out the length and width of your bedroom, making note of fixtures that you will need to access or allow clearance for - doorways, heaters, cupboards or wardrobes, window sills etc - this will ensure you create a functional space that is easy to move within. 

Next, consider the placement of your bed and the required clearance. To create a functional space, we recommend allowing 75-90cm clearance on 2-3 sides. Always consider this when placing your bed near wardrobes and drawers as you will want to ensure easy access to these essential bedroom storage pieces. Another way to consider your bedroom furniture placement is the interior designers' ratio, 60:30:10. Allocate 60% of the space for furniture, 30% for moving around and the remaining 10% for additional items you may require. 

So, you've drawn up your room, decided on the amount of available space - it's time to be inspired! Shop bedroom furniture online, at Brosa.

Consider How You Like to Sleep

Think about what’s most comfortable for you. Do you like to snuggle up close to your partner? Then, a double or queen would be good choices for you. Or would you rather sprawl out? You’re better off looking at a king size bed so that you both can sleep well.

When considering these options, also mind if you’re a light or deep sleeper. Do you awaken easily if your partner wakes up during the night? You might want to opt for a larger bed. If you don’t have the extra space, there are other choices. A foam mattress will keep you from being disturbed, whilst still maximising your rooms floor space. 

Mind Your Budget

Buying a bed is a serious investment. And it’s a purchase you won’t make often. Go for a high-quality item that you're going to love for years to come. Think about functionality - do you need a bed that can provide extra storage due to a lack of floor space? Do you have ample inbuilt storage but lack extra floor space, requiring a more slim lined bed frame? Do you like to follow trends and seek a more modern and contemporary style? Balance your needs with your budget and always consider the size of your room before committing to style that you love exclusively for its design.

If you’re debating between two sizes, consider the lifestyle benefits of both. The price difference between a queen and a king size bed may be insignificant, if the King size bed is likely to dramatically increase your quality of sleep and ongoing lifestyle changes. 

Also, think about you where you are now and what the future may bring. If you’re currently living alone, there may be a partner to consider down the road. Even if your situation changes, the size of your room won’t.

Dimensions Matter


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You’ll find standard size beds in five common sizes in these dimensions:
King: W183 X D203 X H24 

Queen: W153 X D203 X H24

Double: W138 X D188 X H24

King Single: W107 X D203 X H24 

Single: W92 X D188 X H24 

Bear in mind that these are mattresses sizes. A frame or base will add several centimetres on all sizes. That will affect the amount of clearance you’ll have around the bed. Generally, queen or king size beds are excellent choices for couples. You’ll each have plenty of space to move around without disturbing one another.

You should also consider the height of the bed. Opt for one that is easy for all occupants to use. Don’t forget to take other structures into account such as window sills. Remember, a taller bed can add extra storage space underneath. It’s a great option for smaller rooms to optimise your purchase.

Match Your Decor

Your choice of style can affect your bed and frame purchase. Classic Traditional styles often include larger, more ornate design features, crafted with wooden frames and quilted bed heads. Others such as contemporary or modern styles are more minimalist in appearance, typically providing slim line design options which take up less space. Typically, you will be attracted to designs that align with your personal style, but ensure the functionality doesn't fall within the priorities list.

Making Your Bed Functional


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Ok - we have really been honing in on the need to maximise your bedrooms functionality, but why not do so by choosing a double-duty bed design. A gas lift bed frame, for example, will give you much-needed storage without sacrificing floor space. You can also opt for a base with drawers; designs with hidden storage are not only convenient but extremely functional. While they may cost more, you should balance it with the cost of getting another piece of furniture as you may find it’s a sound investment in the long run.

Now that you have all plan ready, be inspired and shop for your bedroom furniture online at Brosa.