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How to Choose a Nursing Chair

Are you nesting in your nursery and looking for the perfect nursing chair?

We understand how important that decision is. After all, it’s where you and your little one will spend your first few precious months bonding.

While traditional rocking chairs have always been wooden, hard, and somewhat austere, there are now many options for new mums. In fact, there are dozens of styles available and each one offers something slightly different for mums and babies.

Choosing a Nursing Chair

choosing a nursing chair

The two most common types of nursing chairs are rockers or gliders.

Rockers are no longer the hard wooden chairs they were. Today, they have padding to keep you comfy and you may even find one with an ottoman, allowing you to put your feet up.

Gliders don’t rock – they move back and forth on a track. These chairs are lovely because some imitate living room furniture, making them easier to transition into other rooms of your house.

Whether you prefer a rocker or glider depends on what you’re envisioning for your nursery and your personal comfort preferences.

But there are certain features to look for in a great nursing chair. Once you’ve found a style you adore, use this list to separate the best from the rest.

#1 Comfort

Comfort is the most important feature in a nursing chair, and while it seems obvious, it’s so critical that it needs to be mentioned. You might be surprised how tempted you are to sacrifice the comfiest chair for the one that perfectly matches your décor.

You’re going to spend a lot of time in your nursing chair. You’ll probably sleep in that chair more than once or twice. And if you think the long nights sound difficult now, you know you certainly don’t want to deal with them in an uncomfortable chair.

Ultimately, comfort trumps all other factors. When in doubt, go with the cosiest option.

#2 Sitting Down and Standing Up

Comfort trumps everything, but you’ve also got to be able to sit down or stand up from the chair without assistance.

Some chairs are too squidgy and trap you, which is fine if someone is always on hand to lift you out.

When you’re trying out a chair in the shops, stand up and sit down a few times. Then, imagine you’re exhausted and try it again.

Are you able to do both without having to wiggle out? Because you can’t risk waking up a baby who has finally, miraculously, gone to sleep after half an hour of fussing.

Adjustable Chairs

There’s nothing like being able to put your feet up and get comfortable. But try these features out, too. If you can’t manoeuvre the chair to put the footrest down or return from a reclining position without moving too much, it might not be the right chair for you.

#3 Make Sure Your Partner Likes It

Even though you’re the one nursing, your partner will (hopefully) spend plenty of time in the nursing chair as well.

Get them involved in testing it out to make sure they’re as comfortable in it as you are.

#4 Safety Features

choosing nursing chair safety features

Safety features on these chairs are often overlooked, but it doesn’t make it any less important.

Naturally, you’ll want it to be durable. A quality frame and stable base to keep you upright are essential. But you’ll also want to keep an eye on sharp points or exposed elements. You may not find these things on the armrests, but take a look under the chair.

Before you know it, your baby will be crawling - and loose screws, pointy bits, and choking hazards underneath the seat will soon become a problem.

In fact, gliders, in particular, have been recalled for including exposed moving parts capable of crushing or pinching your little one’s fingers.

On the bright side, there are now more chairs with added safety features. One of the modern features we love most in nursing chairs is the safety lock. 

Not all gliders or chairs have this, but they can be incredibly helpful when they are included. These locks stop gliders from moving when you don’t want them to. Putting the lock on also helps avoid hurt fingers or toes if you have another child wandering around the chair.

#5 Durability

You won’t be nursing for very long, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a well-made chair.

Be sure to think ahead when choosing a chair, especially if more children are potentially in your future.

A nursing chair should last from the day you arrive home with your first babe until the day your youngest baby goes off to school.

So, look for a chair with a strong base that you know you’ll want to sit in even when your baby is sleeping through the night.

The perfect chair should also have durable fabric and padding. Stain resistant fabric is a big bonus on these chairs because you will spill (and they will be sick) more times than you can count. 

You can choose a cute fabric, but if you’re worried about how it will look, it may be better to choose a fabric that hides stains, especially if it’s not easy to clean.

Remember, you can always have a good chair re-upholstered once it no longer belongs in baby’s room, so don’t worry about the fabric too much. 

Choosing a nursery chair is a personal decision – the perfect chair for your mother, sister, or best friend might not work for you. Be sure to choose the chair that you find most comfortable to sit and nurse in (and one your partner likes, too).