How to Choose a Nursing Chair

One of the sweetest parts of expecting a little one is the nesting phase! If you’ve got a baby on the way, chances are you’re excited to decorate and perfect a nursery, and a great place to start is with a nursing chair

Finding the right nursing chair is a must – after all, it’s where you and your little one will spend your first few precious months of bonding time. No matter how you plan on feeding your baby, the nursing chair is a crucial part of their room, and there are a variety of styles on offer. 

Although you may be used to traditional rocking chairs, which are often structured, wooden and perhaps a little austere, there’s now a huge range of options for new parents. Keep on reading to discover how to choose the ideal nursing chair for you and your bub. 

Choosing a nursing chair

Brosa Betty Rocking Chair styled in nursery

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Most chairs that are specifically for nursing are rockers, which move back and forth on stable legs as you gently propel them. You’ve also got the option of using a traditional armchair, however something that’s not built explicitly for nursing has its pros and cons. 

Rockers have changed a lot in the past few decades, and they’re more modern and adaptable than ever before. Most have padding to keep you comfortable while you’re feeding, and some include ottomans that will give your feet a much-needed break! One of our go-tos is the Betty Rocking Chair, which features sturdy beech wood legs that glide back and forth effortlessly.

If you use a traditional armchair, there are a number of things to keep in mind that we’ll cover throughout this guide. In a nutshell, though, a regular armchair opens up so many doors in terms of style, structure and comfort. However, you’ll need to assess whether you’re happy to rock your bub back and forth as needed without the inbuilt function of a rocking chair. 

Here are some of our top tips for selecting a nursing chair. 

#1 Consider comfort

When picking out your new nursing chair, your number one concern should always be comfort. Although it might seem a little obvious, it’s that critical to your overall nursing experience that it’s worth hammering home. Remember, you’ll likely spend hours a day in your nursing chair, so it should feel plush and let you curl up in the perfect position when feeding your baby. If long nights sound like hard work now, imagine dealing with them in a hard, uncomfortable chair! 

Be sure to assess armrests, cushions, tufting, the thickness of the chair’s padding and more. If you can, be sure to check out your new piece of nursery furniture in-store or at a showroom, like one of BROSA’s studios – located in Melbourne and Sydney. Ultimately, comfort trumps all other factors. When in doubt, go with the cosiest option.

#2 Assess ease of use

With a baby clung to your chest, things like standing up unassisted can be tough – especially with the wrong nursing chair. It’s important not to select anything that you’ll sink into quickly, as this will prohibit you from comfortably rising to a standing position when you’re holding your little one. Similarly, ensure that you still have the ability to lean back and sit in whatever position you prefer. It’s important to have enough room to move around, get comfy and settle in for your bub’s feed. 

Something like the Mila Armchair is slanted and long enough for you to lean back comfortably, but has enough firmness in the seat to stop you from getting stuck. Its gorgeous rolled armrests give off a classic feel, and the large surface area means you can cuddle up with your baby however’s comfortable for you both. 

Brosa Mila Armchair styled in classic traditional living room nursery chair

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#3 Consider electric 

If you want to go all-out, an electric recliner is always an option. These luxe motorised options will let you lean all the way back with baby on your chest and then pop back up easily when you’re done feeding. They’re also insanely cosy and upholstered in modern fabrics so they don’t feel dated or too practical. 

The Sloan Electric Recliner is plush, modern and the perfect nursing chair for the technologically-minded parent. If you’re limited with space, the Arden Electric Recliner is a smaller option that just screams minimalist chic. Just be sure to do your due diligence and check that the seat is big enough to comfortably sit you and baby in your preferred nursing position.

Brosa Sloan Electric Recliner nursing chair styled in modern living room

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#4 Discuss safety & durability

Because it’s the place you’ll sit with your most precious cargo, it’s crucial that you suss out the safety of your new nursing chair before you commit. If you’re opting for a rocker, be sure that the legs are sturdy and the seat is stable. Don’t choose anything with exposed sharp edges, like a structured armchair with pointed armrests, and beware of chairs that are too open (armrests are always a must). 

Another key feature of a nursing chair should be its ability to withstand lots of use. Even if you’ll only be feeding your little one like this for a year or so, it’ll get used every single day, and there’s nothing worse than having to replace a furniture piece a few months in. Always opt for something well made, preferably with wooden legs and a sturdy base. It might also be worth looking for a fabric that is easily cleaned – after all, babies are messy little creatures! Leather, velvet and BROSA’s own Signature Premium blend are all durable options that can withstand messes and are easy to spot clean. 

Our favourites in the Signature Premium fabric include the spacious, cosy Moritz Armchair and the gloriously plush and curvy Amelia Armchair

Brosa Moritz Armchair styled in mid century modern living room nursing chair

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#5 Don’t ditch aesthetics

Finally, it’s time to talk about style! Even though it’s important to choose functionality first, that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the aesthetics and simply plop the most utilitarian chair down in your beautiful nursery. There are so many options that’ll complement the room’s decor and are even transferable to another room when your little one grows up. 

Consider colour, style and fabric when you’re choosing your nursing chair. If your home is beachy and coastal, for instance, something laid back and linen might work. As long as it’s spacious, comfortable and easy enough to clean, we say go for it! Remember, chairs can always be reupholstered or refurbished. 

There’s an armchair for every style from Scandi to traditional, mid-century and beyond – all you need to do is spend a little time searching and ensure you always keep your key nursing chair tenets in mind while shopping. 

Whether you’re expecting for the first time or have a full brood of little ones, a nursing chair is an important piece that’ll guarantee comfort for everyone. Take our tips with you when selecting your new nursing chair and we’re sure that you’ll find the right item for both you and bub. 

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