How to Choose a Good Bed Head

Leaving your bed bare, without a bed head might leave you wondering: What’s missing here? We have news for you: the bed head! You wouldn’t leave the house without your pants on, right? The same goes for your beautiful bed. Dress that puppy up. 

Choosing the right bed head is exciting. You’ll get to think about style, shape, material, and colour. You’ll also get to think about your sleeping style, which might make you want to curl up and take a nap. 

But resist the urge and read on so that you can make headway towards finding the right way to dress that naked bed of yours. 

Start with Style

The first thing to think about is your style. Are you a luxury-lover, or a minimalist who despises the extras? 

Next, think about the decor style of your home and your bedroom. You ideally want your style, your home, and individual rooms to align. 

bed head decor style

Buying a new bed? Make sure to match the style of the bed and the bed head. If you have a bed already, pinpoint the style of the bed with a few words. 

Make sure that a chic, modern bed gets a chic, modern bed head to go with it. Your bed head should unify your look. Leave the mix and match for your dinnerware. Not a significant, focal piece like the bed head. 

Once you know your style, you will be on track to find the right piece to add to your bedroom. Bed heads come with all different looks: from vintage elegant to cosy contemporary. Use your bed to enhance the style that’s already in your life. If you already have classic traditional taste, bring it to a whole new level with a bed head that has winged sides and polished brass buttons.

Pick the Perfect Shape

Knowing the style of your bed head is the first step. Next up is the shape. Shape means a few things: the dimensions, the angles, and the way that it attaches to the bed. 

bed head shape

The dimensions of your bed head depend on the size of your bedroom. A large room with high ceilings needs to have a bed head that can hold its own. It should appear sturdy, stately, and at home in the expansive space. 

For a small room, get a bed head that doesn’t overpower the space. Sure, it can be a focal point. But you don’t want it to look so large that it seems entirely out of place. 

Now for the angles. Some bed heads are rectangular. Others are designed with sloping sides or curved lines. The angles of your bed head need to work well with the other angles in your bedroom. 

Traditional rooms look good with square angles. Modern spaces are often filled with singular sweeping, open curves. Victorian rooms should be decorated with repetitive, tight curves. 

The shape of your bed head will have to fit with your bed. Bed heads come in two adult sizes generally: queen and king.  You need to pair a queen mattress with a queen bed head, and same goes for king. 

Some heads don’t attach to the bed. They merely stand free behind the bed. For this type, there may be more wiggle room on the sizing, but in general, you won’t want your bed head to be over or undersized. You want it to match. 

Colour Choices

Have you ever walked into a room and the colours make you feel a specific emotion? Bright yellow cafe walls make you want to smile as you order extra sprouts on your wrap. 

Dark blue tones might make you feel so calm that you stash the to-do list away and sit down to relax with a cup of tea. Colours create the emotional mood of the room. 

Think about the mood you want to set in your bedroom. Sunny, light, happy, calm, relaxed, peaceful, or nurtured are some of the options before you. What will it be? 

The bedroom is where you start your day and end your day. You want to start and end on a good note. What that note is depends on you. 

The other thing about colour is that the head of your bed is a central furniture piece in the room. It stands out. So, you want the colour of the head of your bed to work with the other colours in the room. 

You can always get comforters and throw pillows to match your new bed head, but it’s a different story to completely paint the walls. 

When you browse bed heads, have your bedroom’s colour palate on hand so that you can check it against the colour of the bed head. At least carry the colour of the walls with you, unless you want to spend your next Saturday with a paint-roller in your hand. 

Your Sleeping Style

How much time do you spend in bed? Are you someone who loves to sit up, propped by pillows, and read a magazine in bed until noon on your days off? In the evening do you enjoy sitting on the bed and taking care of the day’s unfinished business? 

A bed can be an office too - sometimes the bedroom is the quietest space in the house. Perfect for thinking. 

Bed-loungers rejoice: padded bed heads make the perfect prop. Winged, cushioned bed heads make you feel like you are in an armchair. When you get sleepy, just melt under the covers and switch off the light. 

Or is your bed only for sleeping? In that case, your bed head will be an aesthetic piece. Because looks aren’t everything, but they sure do count. 

Materials Matter

The material that your bed head is crafted from matters. That is because you want your bed head to last a long time and look incredible as it ages. You want it to be made with high quality materials that enhance the room. 

The bed head should be the icing on the cake, and you want that frosting to be made with the best sugars, butter, and mocha chips that the gourmet store has to offer. 

bed head material

Have fun touching the materials and fabrics of the bed heads you’re browsing. Run your hands along the velvets, linens, or wooden polishes. 

If you are not in a showroom, read all about the materials and look carefully at pictures. Look for high quality materials that will feel wonderful when you sit up against them. 

Now You Get to Browse…

The right bed head will transform your bedroom from a place where you sleep to the heart and soul of the house. Create a bed you never want to leave by finding the bed head that is just right. 

Think about your style and then stick with it. Choose the right shape by thinking about the size and angles of the room. 

You’ll want a bed head that can be balanced with the rest of the room. Don’t forget about colour, the way you use your bed, and the materials that will be used.