How to Choose a Good Bed Head

If you’ve always gone straight for the simplest option when it comes to your bed, we don’t blame you – all-in-one bed frames are easy to select and conceptualise in your space. But, for the more expressive and daring decorators, a bed frame might not leave enough room for interpretation…

That’s where bed heads, paired with a bed base and mattress, come into play. This puts the power in your hands as a home stylist, and lets you mix and match pieces to create the perfect sleeping situation, one you’ll be more than thrilled to curl up in each night.

Considering ditching the traditional bed frame and opting for a bed head? It might take a little more care and planning, but overall, it’ll be worth it! Here’s what to weigh up throughout the decision process – keep on reading to discover how to choose the right bed head.

Start with Style

Eleanor King Size Bed Head styled in modern contemporary bedroom

Eleanor King Size Bed Head | Shop all bed heads

The existing style of your bedroom is going to dictate a whole lot – it’ll be the driving factor behind many of the elements present in your new bed head, including its material and shape.

You want your bed head to tie in with whatever you’ve already established in the space, whether that’s modern, traditional, coastal… it’s got to complement your flair of choice. It’s also crucial that your bed head works with the bed base you’ve presumably already got ready to go. If that’s not the case, you’ll have a little more freedom, as you can purchase them simultaneously or pick the perfect bed head first.

While we’re big advocates of doing what feels right in your home, there are a few rules to keep in mind when it comes to style. Don’t mix it up between your bed base and bed head too much – try and keep elements consistent, such as the materials, colour or overall feel. A plush upholstered bed head with traditional elements and curves isn’t going to pair well with a sleek metal bed base! Use these visual cues to pair your pieces together and create a cohesive bed.

For instance, if you’ve got a metal bed base, something that incorporates a metal in the same tone and adds wood might be right. On the other hand, a soft, neutral-toned material bed base could be great alongside a plush velvet bed head in a complementary colour. If you’re not sure what your style is, browse through a few and try to pinpoint which elements are consistent with your taste – a non-negotiable step before you whip out the credit card for a new bed base!

Pick the Perfect Shape

Brosa Arch King Size Bed Head styled in new Art Deco bedroom

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Shape can refer to a few things – the dimensions of your bed head, the angles and the way it attaches to the bed base. Put together, the shape of your bed head can completely change its look. A soft, rounded headboard is going to give off a completely different vibe to something clean and squared-off.

Let’s start with the dimensions! These might seem pretty straightforward, but there’s more to it than just king versus queen. Most bed heads have standard dimensions that adhere to the size of your bed, but to be safe, always try to measure or simulate what your bed head will look like when it’s slotted into your current setup.

Choose the bed head that suits your bed’s size – double, queenking and perhaps single are the most common sizes you’ll find bed heads in – and then roughly measure up the height of your existing bed base and mattress combo. If this is lower or higher than the average, the bed head will look different based on where it’s visible. Some bed heads, like thick upholstered ones, might require your bed to be a specific height for the configuration to work effectively and sit flat against the wall.

When it comes to angles, you’ll probably find your design tastes sway towards either soft curves or sleek lines. Reflect this in your bed head to create harmony in the space. As we touched on with the bed’s style, the whole ensemble can look out of place if there are inconsistencies with these angles. Some rooms and beds might benefit from a beautiful arched bed head, whereas others might look great with something sharper and more structured.

Finally, let’s talk attaching your bed head to the bed base. There are a few different ways this can pan out, and all of them depend on your furniture pieces themselves. If the bed base has straps or divots for you to place your bed base, then you can adhere the pieces together this way to ensure a sturdy overall ensemble. Be sure everything is tight and locked in before you lie down for that nap. On the other hand, some bed heads and frames don’t have an inbuilt way of affixing your pieces together. In this case, you should be able to use the weight of the bed and mattress to keep the bed head up against the wall. If necessary, handy household items like command strips can be used for some extra security.

Materials Matter

Brosa Megan Tall King Size Bed Head styled in classic bedroom

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Like all other furniture choices, materials can make or break the experience you have with your new bed head. Possibly the most crucial thing here to consider is quality, and how your material of choice will wear.

If you’re partial to a wooden bed head, then ensure you’re selecting a high-quality wood that’s been finished and varnished to suit your needs. While raw wood can look beautiful, as a bed head, it’s not practical unless done correctly – no one wants a splinter in their back first thing in the morning. Wood can also fade easily depending on the finish, so if your room is beautiful and sun lit all day long, think about what will weather the most wear and tear.

The same goes for fabric bed heads. While they may not pose any issues with comfort, certain materials will pill, get dirty or become worn quite quickly. Whatever you select, don’t forget to thoroughly peruse the care guide and take the adequate precautions you need to keep it in top shape for years to come.

Materials can also affect your use of the bed head, which brings us to our next step… weighing up how you sleep.

How You Sleep

Brosa Emily Wide King Size Bed Head styled in classic traditional bedroom

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It’s time to get a little introspective and think about how you (and whoever you share the bed with!) sleep. However you catch those ZZZs, the process of choosing a bed head should, at the very least, keep this in mind.

Consider what you use your bed for. Are you the kind of person who wakes up to their first alarm and hops back in right before it’s time to hit the hay? Or, do you prefer to spend lazy weekend mornings in bed, propped up with the paper? Do you pass as much time on your laptop in bed as you do sleeping? Your answers to these questions will dictate the kind of bed head style you end up choosing.

The more time you spend in bed, the more likely it is you’ll need an ultra-comfortable bed head. If you like to work, watch TV, read and so on in bed, something upholstered and cozy might be the right option. It’ll serve as a soft place for you to rest your head, making your time spent in bed all the more enjoyable. Winged bed heads that curve inwards give the feeling of being ensconced in bed, and are usually made of material, too – making them comfy and calming.

If your bed is just for sleeping, though, you can look at the bed head as more of an aesthetic piece. You’ll open yourself up to carved wooden headboards, wrought iron, wicker… the list goes on. Just ensure that if you do want to spend a few extra hours relaxing in bed, that you have adequate cushions to keep comfort levels high.

Colour Choices

Brosa Isabella Queen Size Bed Head styled in classic traditional bedroom

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Finally, think about colour and how you can use various hues to play into the space. Have you ever walked into a room and felt a specific emotion due to the colours being used? From happy bright yellow to calming peacock blue, all the way through to energetic red and grounded olive green, colour can have a huge impact on our moods and emotions – which is imperative in the bedroom, where relaxation is your game.

Keeping the style of your room and bed head in mind, select a colour palette that not only complements what’s already in the room, but evokes whatever feeling you want your bedroom to have. It’s likely you’re going for calming, serene, chilled out vibes (although, don’t let us yuck your yum – it’s your bedroom!). If this is the case, try cool-toned pastels, deep jewel tones and neutrals to give the room a clean, classic and cozy feel that will invite a good night’s sleep.

The right bed head can totally transform your bedroom from just a place where you spend eight hours to the heart and soul of your home. With the right bed head, and beautiful new sleeping arrangements as a result, you’ll never want to leave the bedroom. Keep style, shape, materials, function and colour in mind throughout the decision-making process, and you can’t go wrong.

Not sure what to do when it comes to bed heads? Need a little inspiration? Shop our range of bedroom furniture, and ask the experts with our virtual styling services – you won’t even need to leave the house. Plus, here at Brosa, we offer Australia-wide shipping and flexible payment options to make your shopping experience seamless.