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How to Choose the Perfect Bed to Complete Your Bedroom

You’re going to be spending a third of your life in your bed if you're lucky. Make sure that it's a good bed and one whose look you will enjoy for years. The bed also isn't just a place where you sleep but a visual part of the room’s decor. 

Picking out the right headboard, frame, footboard, and linens takes thought and knowledge of how your bed fits with the rest of your decor. Find out how you can find the absolute dream bed for your space below.

Picking a Headboard 

a designer bed with a headboard

Your headboard is the biggest part of your bed that's visible to people walking in. If you choose to have one, why not make it bold to make a statement?

Wooden headboards go with almost any bedroom theme. Consider dark colours; they relax you and make the bed look lavishly rich. Pine, walnut, and oak are fashionable and sturdy materials. Lattice or solid piece? If you plan on moving the headboard you should choose lattice because it's light. Solid pieces are much heavier than lattice-based patterns.

Do you plan on leaning against your headboard with a book or watching TV? If so, you should pick upholstered material as a softer base. The material can be anything from linen to velvet, all of which have their distinct looks.

Size your headboard appropriately. If it’s too large, it will overshadow the rest of the bed, but if it isn’t large enough it won’t be noticeable at all. It needs to be at least high enough to rest against comfortably.

Choosing the Bed Base

a blue bed in a designed space

The bed base is almost as important as the head. Even though the footboard isn't as large or as visually striking, it creates an important component for the bed's decorative style and structural integrity. 

In many cases, the headboard and bed base come as a single set along with the bed frame. The same conditions for picking the foot apply as when you're picking the headboard. Try to keep the foot of the bed at the same height as the mattress.

Choosing the Bed Frame

a bed frame in a designed space

You have two types of bed frames. You have platform frames, in which everything bolts into place, or you have railings, where there are simply hooks that guide thin metal railings into slots on the headboard and footboard.

Disassembling the bed is much easier with railings and frames, but it limits how much weight you can put on the bed frame and what mattresses you can use. Foam mattresses, for instance, require additional support along the middle to keep them from sagging too much.

Some bed frames hold room for extra storage. A storage bed can be useful if you have a lot of things you’d prefer to store near the bed, but don’t want to risk going under the bed never to be seen again.

You also need to think of size, including the bed’s overall height.  Bed frames usually come in a selection of standard sizes designed to fit mattresses of the same size. Take into account the dimensions of your room. Check out some of our bed frames and decide which ones best suit your needs and decor.

Selecting a Mattress

a firm matres with white covers

If you’re upgrading your bed from scratch, that means you’ll need to get a new mattress as well. Size the mattress to your new bed frame and take the heights of the headboard and footboards into account. If you can try the mattress at home, take full advantage of the trial period.

If you want the best quality for your bedroom, invest in a top-notch mattress with memory foam. But it’s still important to make sure you have a mattress that suits your sleeping style. 

If you’re a stomach or back sleeper, it may be best to go for a firm mattress, while side sleepers tend to prefer mattresses that are either soft or supportive. 

Choosing Bedding

a well made bed in a designed space

Once you have your underlying frame and mattress, focus on the bedding. First: is it intended to be a formal-looking bed? If so, go for fabrics with a high sheen to them, like velvet or linen. For a bed with a basic look, go with cotton. This is the cheapest sheet material and breathes the best.

Choose solid colours for your bedsheets. Solid colours create a more soothing appearance - an important quality when you’re trying to get to sleep quickly. Patterns can work, but only if they are more subdued.

Decide whether you want a completely matched set, or a more eclectic look. Matching pillows, cushions, and sheets present a unified colour scheme, but buying each part on its own can lend your bed a personalised appearance that no bedding set could match.

Whether you decide to build your bed from the ground up or by getting a bedding set, you should take a moment to imagine how it will look when placed in your bedroom. 

Once you’re ready to buy, browse our selection of designer beds online at Brosa to find an exquisite style that fits your needs perfectly.