10 Bedroom Organisation Tips to Optimise Your Small Space

Living in a small space doesn't always mean you need to sacrifice style for functionality. In fact, it often requires a careful plan and discerning eye to make the most of a compact room. You can turn a small bedroom into a peaceful haven, provided that you make the right furniture selections with storage and functionality front of mind. 

Design Elements Can Serve Several Purposes

When designing for a small space, your favourite saying will be... “everything in its place, and a place for everything”. Embrace it and consider carefully crafting your space by including design features, fixtures, and furniture that do double duty. Be sure that you don't let clutter build up. Making putting things away part of your daily routine can help keep the space accessible and attractive. 

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Console Tables Serve as Vanity and Desk 

People often overlook the console table as a piece of bedroom furniture. However, these typically long and slender tables offer storage and compact design. 

One that is open underneath can serve as both a dressing table or vanity, as well as a desk and storage space. Carefully planned storage can even let you change it back and forth from a workspace to a display with little hassle. 

A designer bedroom and console table

Shelving Can Break Up Your Space and Provide Organization

Wall-mounted shelves and freestanding bookcases can offer lots of storage for a minimum of work and investment. The top can offer a spot to showcase collections, family pictures, or other prized possessions. Each shelf can store books, important papers, or other items you need to keep organised. 

The colour and style of the shelves can complement existing colours in the room or provide contrast. They can draw the eye as a focal point or simply blend into the background without overpowering the space. 

bedside table in a designer room

Bedside Tables Offer Storage as Well 

Far too many people discount the usefulness of a bedside table. These compact tables are for more than just a lamp or surface for charging your phone while you sleep. Some may be simplistic, but many designs offer a drawer, as well as storage space underneath. Allocate that storage to specific items instead of using it as an over-sized stand for a single book and a junk drawer. 

A bedside table in designer bedroom

Pick Furniture That Works For Your Room 

Maybe the most significant organisation mistake people with smaller rooms make is trying to fit the wrong furniture into a compact space. Carefully selecting your furnishings will help you keep the space tidy and organised without looking overwhelming or cluttered.

Modern Sofa Beds Offer Comfort and Convenience 

While many people think of the sleeper sofas of their youth and shudder, the design and comfort of the modern sofa bed far exceed those of earlier designs. Believe it or not, a sofa bed can allow you to sleep well at night while also opening up a space during the day. That extra floor space can make it much easier to keep everything in its place.

black bed frame in a designed space

Select a Chest of Drawers that Won't Overwhelm 

You likely need plenty of storage space, but your chest of drawers won't be the only place to store items. A taller, vertical unit may be the best option for a smaller footprint with a lot of storage. In some rooms, longer units may also work. Be sure to consider how much of your wardrobe you can hang up or store elsewhere before settling on a dresser. Remember: folded clothing takes up less space. 

a green bedroom in a designed space

Don't Let Your Bed Dominate the Room

There's no question that your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. After all, having a quiet, private sleeping space is the whole reason you have a separate bedroom. 

That doesn't mean that your room should have no space for anything but your mattress and frame. Everyone likes to spread out, but you need enough open space for the room to feel comfortable. 

Consider a queen or even a double size bed instead of a king if you don't have much space. You won't miss the few extra inches of mattress, but the extra floor space can make a noticeable difference to the appearance and feeling of the room. 

a smaller bed in a designed room

Make the Most of Often Unused Spaces

Many common bed frames provide several inches or up to a vertical foot of space underneath the mattress. 

The area under your bed shouldn't just be a realm for imaginary monsters and dust bunnies. You can buy storage bed bases with built-in drawers that allow you to store your clothing and shoes underneath your bed. 

If you have a standard bed base or bed frame, shallow storage tubs can help you utilise that space without creating a massive mess of disorganised piles under your bed. 

a gas lift bedframe in a designed space

Consider Corners and Behind Doors 

You can purchase small shelves or nets designed to fit into corners of your walls or where the walls meet the ceiling. There are also storage racks that can fit over the top of your door to store everything from hanging clothing to shoes. Using this space will reduce your storage needs without having much visual impact on the room’s design.

designer storage in a bedroom

Don't Be Afraid To Use Your Walls 

You simply cannot overstate the value of properly sized and fully stocked shelves. Many people only place a single shelf or bookcase in a room, and they often stop utilising the walls at about eye height. There's still plenty of vertical space for additional shelving, hooks, and other small organisational tools. 

As long as you don't make things feel cluttered or claustrophobic, you can use the entire vertical space of the walls for storage elements in your bedroom. 

A green bed in a designed space

Consider Adding More Storage Elements to Your Closet

In your closet, you don’t have to settle for a single rack, a shoe organiser, and otherwise open and useless space. You can add cubby holes, boxes, drawers, shelves and additional bars for more storage. 

Ideally, your closet will house enough of your personal items to keep the room clean. Having a space to store each of your possessions is the most important aspect of keeping a small space organised and livable.

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