20 Bedroom Ideas You'll Fall in Love with

In addition to being your sleeping quarters, your bedroom is likely where you store your clothing, get dressed, and even relax at the end of a long day. With a little planning, you can turn your bedroom into a beautiful, functional, and pleasant escape. 

Maximizing How You Use the Space

a well designed modern bedroom
Most bedrooms have limited space, which means you need to carefully consider what you need in your bedroom. Too much furniture or storage can make a cozy room feel cramped and tiny. 

1. Get Rid of Your Closet Door 

For those who have a small bedroom, the swing radius of the open closet door could limit where beds and other furniture will work. Removing your closet door and replacing it with drapes or a beaded curtain can help you make the most of a small bedroom. 

2. Use Every Possible Surface for Display and Storage 

The tops of shelves, the understand of your bedside table, and even the back side of your bedroom door are all underutilized spaces.  

3. Plan Space for All Your Clothing

designer storage in a bedroom

Regardless of the size of your closet, some of your clothing will be better stored folded and out of sight. Make sure that the chest of drawers you purchase fits all your clothing and works with the design theme and colour scheme of your room. 

4. Determine What You Do in Your Bedroom

Just because you enjoy a hobby or activity doesn't mean you need your supplies for it in your bedroom. 
If you practice yoga in your living room, store your mat, strap, and blocks in a nearby closet instead of taking up precious space in your bedroom. If you knit while you watch TV, move your yarn storage out of the bedroom. Err on the side of simplicity when planning your bedroom. 

5. Pick Items that Do Double Duty

storage ottoman in a well designed bedroom

Can the bench at the foot of your bed also store items in the space underneath? If not, it may be time to buy a storage ottoman for your bedroom. 
Do you live in a small studio, meaning that your bedroom is also where you host company? Consider buying a sofa bed instead of a standard bed, which allows you to turn your sleeping space into guest seating if you need it. 

Design a Space You Want to Live in

Your bedroom should feel comfortable to you. It should be a welcoming, beautiful space, not a room that causes you stress because of clutter or design issues. Consider how you live in your bedroom, and try to integrate those functions into each of your design decisions. 

6. Fall in Love with Your Bed 

a blue themed bedroom

Chances are that your bed will take up a significant amount of the floor space in your room. A queen bed can leave little walking room in smaller bedrooms. 
Consider a daybed or a similar option if you need somewhere to sleep but don't have much space in your bedroom. Make sure you prioritize comfort as well as appearance when you pick the headboard and base for your bed. 

7. Maximize Your Use of Light and Ensure Darkness Too

Spend time in the room before you install window dressings and light fixtures. Once you know how much light the room receives, you can make a better decision about where to place a lamp and how thick your curtains need to be to block out the sunlight. 

8. Make Storage Spaces Attractive and Fun
a modern bookshelf in a designed space

There are many options for storage in a bedroom, from units that allow you to store clothing under your bed to bookcases that stretch all the way to the ceiling. Look for concealed storage options, or go bold with bright colours and modern design. 

9. Highlight Your Personality in All Design Choices

Your bedroom is your haven, your private refuge in a busy and impersonal world. This room should reflect your tastes, your personality, and your needs.

10. Select Colours You Love that Work in Your Room

Just because your aesthetic runs toward the Gothic side of things doesn't mean everything in your room should be black. Minimalism and careful use of colour can have a powerful effect on the feel of your room. 

Use an Artistic Eye for Every Choice You Make

Nothing should end up on display in your bedroom by accident. Consider the placement of each item and piece of décor carefully. 

11. Coordinate the Colours You Use in Each Element a day bed in a designed space

You can buy matching sets of bedroom furniture, but that can feel visually monotonous. So long as the colours adhere to the same general scheme or complement one another, you can make individual pieces of furniture work in a well-designed room. Make sure you consider those colours when you bring in décor, area rugs, or art.

12. Don't Forget the Higher Spaces in Your Room 

Many people stop decorating at their own eye level. Hang pictures or shelves higher on the wall to maximize your use of the space. 

13. Draw the Focus Toward the Best Features 

a wood vanity table in a designed space

Bold colours, bright patterns, and other eye-catching elements can help control how people perceive the space. Add a touch of colour or a light source near the part of the room you'd most like to highlight when company comes over. 

14. Wall-Mounted Headboards Save Space While Adding Flair 

For rooms that aren't big enough for larger beds, consider getting rid of the bed frame and investing in a wall-mounted bedhead instead. That way, you can still make your bed a focal point without occupying additional floor space. 

15. Showcase the Items and People You Love

Whether it's a framed poster from your favourite movie or a hand-stitched quilt made by your grandma, the highlights of your bedroom should be your most prized possessions. 

Function Matters as Much as Attractiveness

If you spend all your time focused on shapes, colours, and abstract design concepts, your room may look great but feel uncomfortable. Focus on elements that add to your comfort as much as you do on the appearance of your room. 

16. Make Space for Other People (and Animals)

An armchair in a designed space

If you have pets, a spouse, children, or just friends that visit, accommodating them with an armchair is a great idea. Large chairs may work in bigger rooms. Small chairs or bench seats can be easily moved and can double as assistance when you're dressing. 

17. Add a Plant if You Have Light and Space
A plant in a designed space

Whether you want a dark green Japanese Peace Lily or a small tray of succulents, a few plants can brighten your space and help clean the air. If you can keep them alive, they're a great bedroom addition. 

18. Organisation Can Make Your Space More Livable

Having a place for everything in your bedroom makes cleaning and finding what you need easier. Get creative when planning how to organise and store your possessions. 

19. Storage Can Come from Vertical Spaces as Well
A well designed children bedroom

If you don't have hooks or shelves on your walls, you're missing a prime opportunity to create more storage for your bedroom. 

20. Remember That You Need To Move Through the Space

You need adequate space to safely walk to any part of your room, both during the day and at night. Small pathways may result in stumbling if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Be careful about how much floor space you take up with your furniture. 

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