20 Bedroom Design Ideas You'll Fall in Love With

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Your bedroom is a hugely important space. It’s where you’ll start and end each day – from waking up, getting dressed and preparing to take on the world, to winding down come night time, whether that’s with a cup of tea and a good book or a glass of wine and your favourite show. Whichever way you spin it, it’s crucial that your bedroom feels like a comfortable and relaxing oasis.

If your bedroom is feeling a little lackluster, there are ways to spruce things up and inject new life without engaging in a total makeover or remodel. We’re rounding up 20 of our top tips for giving your bedroom a refresh, ones that you’re sure to fall head over heels for – and want to bring into your space, stat.

Maximising Your Bedroom Space

One problem many of us encounter when we’re designing, organising and styling our bedrooms is space. Most bedrooms have limited space, which means you’ll need to carefully consider the elements and furniture pieces that are important to you and be selective about what goes in the room. Thankfully, there are lots of unique design tips and tricks that can be used to maximise the space and ensure your bedroom looks beautiful and feels comfortable.

1. Pinpoint your room’s purpose

Something that’ll really drive the layout, design and functionality of your bedroom is its purpose. Of course, we all use our bedrooms for sleep, but chances are, it’s also a haven for other activities. For instance, if you’re big into yoga, and your bedroom currently houses your mat and other gear, this is something you’ll have to factor in when you’re making the big decisions regarding furniture – where’s the best place to store these items? Does it necessarily have to be in your bedroom, or is there another spot in the house that might suit better? Can you make use of an existing piece of furniture or decor, or do you need to purchase something new?

Purpose is central to the way that you use your space, which in turn, informs its design. So, be sure to establish your purpose and any needs before you start purchasing, rearranging or redesigning the space.

2. Find ways to open the space

If you’re working with a particularly small, cosy space, chances are there are little adjustments you could make to give yourself a tad more room. For instance, closet doors that swing outwards take up more space than you’d imagine. Remove these and revel in all your extra square footage, and solve the new problem you’ve created with organised solutions or by adding in a sliding door. Identify these little wins and, if you have the resources, make them happen to unlock a room that feels more spacious.

3. Focus on storage-heavy furniture

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A small room’s best friend is, as we all know, storage! However, large, hulking pieces aren’t always an option if you’re really working with minimal space, so it’s all about finding furniture that’s sleek and functional without taking up too much room.

One great space-saver in a bedroom is to find bedside tables with extra storage, such as drawers, cupboard space or a shelf. They’ll not only work as a place to stash your day-to-day items – books, jewellery, a glass of water – but they’ll provide additional space to keep things that are less frequently used, but still have their place in the bedroom.

4. Play with height

The one struggle you’ll likely encounter when shuffling pieces around in a small room is floor space, but we often forget there’s much more room to work with – if you only look up. Investing in taller pieces or opting for shelves ensures that you’re making the most of your square footage, and it can also add some much-needed depth to an otherwise one-dimensional space. As well as traditional shelves and objects that are inherently tall like bookshelves, consider hanging items, wall sconces versus floor lights, mountable cubes and more.

5. Go for double-duty pieces

The final tip to fuel your space-saving journey is to search for pieces that can perform double duty. The more versatility you can eke out of your furniture, the better! For instance, an ottoman becomes twice as valuable if it can also be used for storage, or as a table rather than just a seat. Find cabinets and side or end tables that have both in-built storage and surfaces to display objects. Gas lift beds are an incredible way to create more space in the bedroom without compromising design.

6. Create unflappable organisation

When it comes to getting organised and staying that way, the key is creating sustainable systems that everyone in the house can understand. Don’t overcomplicate it, but focus on what’s doable to ensure that all of the organisation methods you put in place can be upheld day to day, and as the years go by. If that means a catch-all bin where you can shove anything and everything, so be it – as long as it works for you!

Designing a Space You Want to Live In

Now, let’s talk about the comfort factor of your bedroom. This is the place where you’ll snuggle up of a night and wake up every morning, and having a physically cosy space will positively impact your mood. Let’s talk about a few ways you can engineer your space so it feels bright, warm and ultimately so comfortable, you’ll never want to leave!

7. Find the perfect bed for you

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The bed is the centrepiece of the room, both literally and figuratively – and as the place you’ll sleep, rest, nap, chill out and decompress (to name a few things!) it’s crucial that you find the right one. Start with size, understanding the dimensions of your room and whether you could opt for a double, queen or king. Select a mattress carefully, and don’t underestimate the power your bed’s construction, height and material can have. Opt for soft fabrics on the headboard if you spend a lot of time in bed working, reading or watching Netflix.

8. Make layout a priority

The layout of your bedroom can impact how you navigate the space, and overall, has bearing over whether you enjoy using the room or not. Once you’ve set up your key furniture pieces, spend a day or two going about your daily tasks and noting down any pain points the layout is presenting – whether that’s a physical trip-up, a tight squeeze or something that just doesn’t feel ‘right’.

9. Balance light and shade

As the place where you turn the lights off at night and are awoken by the morning sun, it’s only natural that your bedroom should strike a harmonious mix of light and shade. This extends to both the room’s colour scheme, but also the functional pieces you put in the space. For instance, you’ll likely want curtains or blinds to give you control over natural light, and similarly, a lamp or two is essential for adjustable brightness at night.

10. Invest in comfort and quality

Take some inspiration from the Nordic concept of ‘hygge’ and make your bedroom a beacon of warmth, comfort and cosiness. Source the necessary items to give it that ‘I don’t ever want to leave’ feeling, including a soft rug, throw pillows and blankets. These are essential to transforming your bedroom and how you’ll feel when relaxing and winding down.

11. Add small yet satisfying touches

The little things can really turn a bedroom around, whether they’re pretty or practical. Instead of embarking on an extreme makeover, these tiny touches could be the turning point that helps you to fall in love with your bedroom again! Consider home decor items like candles, plants and flowers, vases, artwork and tapestries from an aesthetic perspective. When it comes to the functional stuff, there are myriad options, from tech to blackout curtains to a set of beautiful coasters for your bedside table. Work out your needs and don’t be afraid to splurge a little if it’ll help you feel back on track.

12. Build out your cosy spot

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Everyone needs a comfortable space to relax in their bedroom, and the bed doesn’t always suffice, especially if you’re trying to work or be productive. Instead, if you have the space, consider defining a cosy spot and kitting it out with everything you need to chill out or get stuff done. An armchair, end table and some storage for items – whether that’s work files or your knitting needles – will help to create a positive and uplifting space that’s all yours to use.

Bringing in Your Style and Personality

Of course, where comfort is key and function is unmistakably crucial, aesthetic is yet another vital piece of the design puzzle. Your bedroom should evoke whatever feeling you’re going for, reflect your style, and feel like an extension of not just the rest of the home, but yourself.

13. Draw on established colour palettes

Feeling a little confused by colour? Almost all of us encounter this problem when styling, especially if we’re working with existing pieces in a new space, or are trying to inject a little flair to an otherwise drab room. The solution is to play on existing colour palettes – whether they’re already threaded throughout your home, or are tried-and-true combinations that work without fail, every single time.

There are certain combinations that just gel, such as an all-neutral palette, cool tones, warm tones or complementary colours. Discover our guide to styling using colour schemes for some more inspiration.

14. Pick a statement piece

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In a bedroom, the bed is usually the focal point, as we’ve already highlighted – but if you play your cards right, it doesn’t have to be! Selecting a statement piece is a great way to take your styling to the next level, to draw the eye to a favourite part of the room, and to add a pop of visual excitement. So, what constitutes a ‘statement’? Ideally, the piece will stand out from the other elements in the room, drawing on a different colour or style, or with a visually arresting pattern.

15. Incorporate art in all forms

Art doesn’t have a rigid definition any more, which opens the floor up for you to really express yourself in a way that lifts your space and lets you express your individuality. As well as traditional paintings, prints and photos, give other elements a go – decorative lighting, sculpture, tapestry, plants (living art!)... there’s so much to explore.

16. Give texture a go

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Incorporating texture is yet another fantastic and simple way to give your space more energy, depth and dimension. There are easy methods of adding texture, like finding a beautiful floor rug, or sourcing a soft, fluffy cushion to go on your bed. Bedding is a fantastic way to add texture, with blankets, your choice of sheets and bedspread, and throws.

You can also do this through the more concrete elements in your space – opt for textured flooring with wood or concrete, or create texture on the walls using wallpaper or a plastered effect. The world is your oyster; it’s simply up to you to decide where to go all in and where to pull back.

17. Showcase what you love

When you’re relaxing in your bedroom, you’ll want to feel happy, relaxed and at ease, and one way to achieve that feeling as much as possible is by surrounding yourself with things you love. Whether that’s trinkets from your travels, sentimental items, or simply beautiful family photos, make it a priority to bring these into your space and give them a place of pride. Your mood will thank you for it.

Creating a Beautiful Space on a Budget

While all of these exciting tips and tricks might feel overwhelming at first, when you distil them down, they’re simple and actionable, and don’t all have to be completed at once. But, if you’re looking for ways to spruce up the bedroom on a budget, there are a few more ideas that might pique your interest. Here are a couple of our top budget-friendly tips for reinvigorating your design.

18. Make the switch

This process doesn’t have to mean purchasing new furniture – in fact, you could do quite the opposite! If the whole house is feeling a little uninspired, why not switch up a few pieces from other rooms and share the love around? Your bedroom can feel like a whole new space if you just give it a little zhuzh with existing decor and furniture items from throughout the house.

19. Consider repurposing items

Or, if you’re feeling game, you could take this idea one step further and put your DIY pants on. It’s almost inevitable that you’ve got pieces in your home that are feeling dated, dull or in need of some love. Try repurposing those existing items by painting, reupholstering, adding elements, removing parts – the options are positively endless, and you’ll be surprised what some flashy knobs, a touch of wallpaper or a new slip cover can do.

20. Work out what inspires you

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Last, but certainly not least, let’s take it back to the roots – what inspires you? What gets you excited about design (or even in life)? The best way to liven up any space is to get creative, and find that thing inside you that wants to innovate, inspire and excite. Pore through design magazines, research online, jump onto Pinterest or take cues from our blog – the options are endless, but it’s all about reinvigorating yourself and translating that energy to your space. Start with one small thing and see what happens, because chances are, it’ll cause a chain reaction!

Are you feeling ready to take on the world – and your bedroom design project? Explore the latest and greatest pieces across a range of styles here at Brosa, your favourite online furniture and homewares retailer.