Bedhead Designs to Suit Your Bedroom Style

Pairing a bedhead with your bed is like putting icing on a cake. You wouldn’t put double-mocha icing onto a pineapple upside down cake, would you? Nothing's wrong with mocha. Nothing’s wrong with pineapple. But they just don’t quite go together. 

It’s the same with your bedhead. The head of your bed is a prominent place in the bedroom. Your eye goes there immediately. You want it to set the tone for the room and look perfect with the style of the room as a whole. 

So, let’s go over furniture styles and bedhead designs so that you can find the right matches. 

What Is Your Bedroom Style?

Whatever your bedroom style, there will be a bedhead that matches it. An important aspect of interior design is creating a focal point for the room. 

In the bedroom, this is the bedhead. This piece should encapsulate the overall style of the room. This way, all the other touches you have included will make sense and feel unified under one central style. 

When you look at your bedroom, do you see a defined style? If so, what is it? If you don’t know exactly the word for it, check out the styles below to see if one fits perfectly with what you have created. 

If you do not have a clear style, the bedhead can help you create it. Find a bedhead with standout style, and then add touches throughout the bedroom that aligns with that style. 

Here are some style definitions to help you get started. 

French Provincial

bedhead designs french provincial

The French Provincial style combines the luxurious with the practical. This style comes from the 18th-century French countryside. Think of understated elegance. The element of luxury is there. But it’s not in the form of outright ornate decorations. 

French Provincial bedheads are très sophisticated. You’ll find plush padding and elegant, tufted buttons. These pieces look perfect in soothing colours like French Beige and Porcelain Blue. 


bedhead designs contemporary

The Contemporary style is current, fresh, and functional. Clean and to the point. Minimal decorative elements. No extravagant flourishes here! That said, there are touches that make this style subtly sophisticated. Rooms designed in this style are functional, but inviting at the same time.

Bedheads in this style are simple. They’ve been designed with clean lines. But not so clean that it starts to look cold or uninviting. They have rounded edges and soft corners that make the whole ensemble appear welcoming. 

Tufted buttons and a few curves add warmth. If you have a laptop on your bedside table instead of a leather-bound book, look at contemporary styles of bedheads - they are probably just right for you. 


bedhead designs scandinavian

The Scandinavian style is named after a look that originated from the Nordic countries in the 1950s. You can picture a ski ranch with minimalist furniture, stark white walls, and flawless craftsmanship. 

Nothing about this style is for show - everything must serve a purpose!

What purpose do bedheads serve? They are amazing to lean up against, of course! Sit up in bed in style. The bedhead will be serving a function, which is crucial to this style. You’ll want a bedhead with enough cushioning to make it earn its place in the bedroom. 

Classic Traditional

bedhead designs classic traditional

This style is perfect for those who think surprises are best left for birthday parties. And even then, who wants it? You’d rather have a well-planned, orderly gathering of friends and family. The classic traditional style is calm, organised, and well thought out. No surprises here. 

Classic traditional bedheads have a serene quality to them. They invite you to lean up against them and read the paper while sipping coffee. 

You’ll find lots of vertical and horizontal lines. Maybe a few subtle curves. Nothing too fancy or modern, but enough lushness to make the bedroom feel very comfortable. 

Bedhead Design Elements: Finding the Right Fit

Now that you know all about styles, it’s time to choose the perfect bedhead design to suit your bedroom style. A sleek and modern bedhead would look all wrong in a French Provincial style bedroom.  

You want to find a model that fits into your bedroom’s style like a well-groomed kid fits into a class picture. Flawlessly. 


bedhead designs winged

Winged bedheads have a stately air about them. They turn the bed into a statement piece - something worth looking at. The winged style looks perfect in a classic traditional style of bedroom. It can also work well with French Provincial style. 

Tufted Buttons

bedhead designs tufted

Tufted buttons beg admiration. They create a look that is luxurious and inviting. Perfect for spending the morning in bed while browsing through catalogues, or for lounging the evening away with a box of chocolates and a novel. 

Upholstery can either have diamond-tufted buttons or rectangular-tufted buttons. Each creates a unique look. Deep tufted buttons work well with classic traditional styled rooms or French Provincial. 

Contrasting Piping

bedhead designs contrasting piping

This look is very current. A thin line of contrasting material around the outside of the bedhead frame makes the shape of the piece stand out. 

Contrasting piping highlights smooth, subtle lines and curves. It also makes the colours you chose pop. Modern piping can be used in a contemporary room with a stunning effect. 

Horizontal or Vertical Channeled Tufting

bedhead designs vertical tufting

This is sometimes called “tubes”, and it refers to the extended, puffy channels that run along the upholstery of your bedhead. This design feature can fit in well in a contemporary bedroom. Use either vertical or horizontal stripe in balance with the other lines of the room. 

Now you know more about each style, and what kind of designs go well with it. What is your bedroom style?