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Queen Size Bed Heads

While your dining room and living room are, in many ways, designed for your guests, the bedroom is the one place that you can truly call your own. Give it your own special signature style with a divine queen size bed head from Brosa. Read more

A Designer Bed Head to Revive Your Room

With a deluxe new bed head from Brosa, your bedroom will once again become the go-to destination you yearn for at the end of a long day.

Our queen size bed heads come in a variety of styles so you won’t be at a loss for choice. Our bed heads in lighter or neutral tones give your room a spacious feel that works wonders with your contemporary dressing table.

If you love retro or classic furniture, you’ll fall in love with our bed heads that showcase beautiful detailing, such as studding or tufting.

Just make sure you choose a bed head that matches or complements your queen size bed frame and existing bedroom furniture.

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