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Brosa's range of Queen size bed frames showcase an elegance only royalty could convey. Designed with opulence in mind,...

Brosa's range of Queen size bed frames showcase an elegance only royalty could convey. Designed with opulence in mind, this collection fuses Scandinavian Design with traditional touches to create a contemporary range of beautiful bed frames. This queen size collection consists of several sophisticated designs, including the traditional Heidi, the modern Erin, the plush Anica (Gas Lift) and the stately Leia (Gas Lift).  These are available in a variety of subtle, contemporary colours which can perfectly compliment your existing space or spark your creativity.

All products are built with strong, durable materials by master craftspeople to exacting standards. We're in line for a royal seal of approval.

Create a regal space with an upholstered queen bed frame

Many of us neglect the bedroom as a space for enjoyment in conjunction with sleep. Encourage yourself to spend more time in your room by turning it into a welcoming space. A luxurious bed frame is an ideal way to move focus in your bedroom. Select a queen size bed frame that not only provides a place for you to sleep, but also offers you a beautiful talking point to your overall design. As the largest furnishing in any bedroom, the bed should be chosen with just as much care as your lounge room furnishings.

At Brosa, we have a large collection of upholstered queen bed frames for sale online that are available for delivery across Australia. Whether you are looking for a large bed for your Melbourne home, or you are looking to furnish your new Sydney apartment, we have a constantly updated collection that is sure to offer you the piece you need.


Select a bed frame that was created with passion


Unlike many other showrooms and retailers, we work one-on-one with the designers and then pass these stunning pieces straight on to you, the customer. With no wholesalers, importers and retailers involved, we are able to drive the prices of our queen bed frames for sale down to affordable numbers. Our low costs are also passed down to our shipping arrangements. Regardless of where you are located, from Melbourne to Perth, we offer competitive shipping rates. Don't hold yourself back while furnishing your home due to fear of an expensive delivery. Brosa ensures that everything is kept at an affordable rate so anyone can experience the luxury of our queen size bed frames for sale online.

Call us on 1300 027 672 to find out more, or make your purchase today through our secure checkout system.


All Queen Size Bed Frames


All Queen Size Bed Frames

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