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Furnish your home with pieces that not only reflect who you are, but also offer...


Furnish your home with pieces that not only reflect who you are, but also offer you the lavish style of designer furniture without breaking the bank. The king size mattresses base collection from Brosa is created with precision construction. Each piece is stress tested to ensure optimal stability and durability throughout its lifespan. Built with solid timbers and upholstered for a soft and rounded finish, each of our king bed bases is designed to last.

Choose a king bed base only, or create a complete piece by adding one of our design inspired headboards. Complement a neutral base with a bold headboard or vice versa. Alternatively, select completely matching items for a simple style that suits any existing decor of your home. Create a space in your home that is inviting during the day and night.


Save space with a king bed base with storage

You won't have to compromise on storage space when you select one of the innovative solutions from Brosa. Select from a king lift up bed base or one with built in drawers to make sure you don't lose out on space. Each of these mattress bases is available in multiple colours to ensure you have choice when furnishing your home. We have stunning colour options that range from French beige and muted neutrals, to bolder reds and blues to create a statement piece.

Shipping to all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne and more

Purchasing online is made simple with our competitive shipping rates. There is no stress when it comes to delivery from Brosa as our competitive shipping rates are easy to calculate. Furnish your entire Melbourne home or select a king ensemble base for your Sydney beachside villa. Whether you choose a gas lift base or a slim line option, the shipping costs will be kept at an easy to understand, low rate.

Along with our ideal shipping options, we offer a unique, 7-day no questions asked returns policy so you don't have to worry if the furniture you chose doesn't quite fit.

Your lifestyle shouldn't be dictated by your furniture, instead find the right pieces to match how you want to live. Contact us via our online form or call us on 1300 027 672.


All King Size Bed Bases


All King Size Bed Bases

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