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Bed Frames

Treat yourself with a bedroom fit for a king with one of our gorgeous bed frames from Brosa. We have a range of sizes, styles and storage solutions to suit every need!

Make a Statement Piece with Your Bed Frame

Your bed represents the ultimate luxury in your home; the place you relax into to rejuvenate after a long day. Invest in a heavenly bed piece with our bed frames. Our selection is designed to provide the ultimate luxury in a style that suits your tastes to a tee. You’ll find a variety of tones, from neutral tones to earthy colours to complement your existing bedroom decor. Or throw out the book and completely refresh your room with your new bed as your starting point. Our bed frames come in several styles to help you find something you’ll love. For traditional frames, it’s all in the details - diamond tufting, brass-studded accents, and button detailing.

Our rustic, natural wood frames work perfectly in Scandinavian or industrial styled rooms. Invest in minimal bedside tables and tallboys to complete the look. Short on space? Look for beds with internal storage options, such as our bed frames with storage. Or consult our 24 design hacks for bedroom storage

Bed Frames in Queen, King, Double & Single

Finding the right size bed is easy at Brosa. Our extensive range of bed frames come in a selection of sizes. We also provide accurate dimensions for every one of our Brosa bed frames. That way, you can be sure that a King size bed frame or Queen size bed frame will best suit your needs. If you’re in the market for a Double or Single size bed frame, we have all of your needs covered. You can find trending styles for the kids too. Need styling inspiration? We’ve gone to the experts to share everything you need to know about colour schemes for your bedroom

Bed Frames Crafted for Durability

Our bedroom designs are crafted for quality and made to last. These all-encompassing bed frames are made from solid hardwoods and durable, textured fabrics. In this collection, you’ll find stylish bed frames that take cues from the best of traditional furniture design and revitalises them for the contemporary bedroom. Invest in our quality collection of bed frames and receive these beautiful pieces direct from the designers.

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